Terms and Conditions  −  Theatrix in Concert 2021

• Tickets for this event can be purchased online from 6/10/2021 through to 8/12/2021.
• General Admission (one price for all ages): $40.00 per person (G.S.T. included) + processing fees.
• Performer Ticket: $15.00 per Theatrix student. Only available to Junior students and other students that are only in parts of the concert program.
• No refunds available on tickets sold.
• In the case of the event being cancelled, the organiser will endeavour to reschedule the event.
• If the event cannot be rescheduled, tickets will be refunded minus any processing and/or transaction fees.
• All ticket bookings will be allocated seats after the ticket registration closes 8/12/2021.
• Hard tickets will be issued to present to ushers for admission to the theatre. Tickets will be distributed to the performer's family prior to the event. Any uncollected tickets will be available from the Theatre Box Office at 6:30pm on the event night.
• If Government regulations, at the time of this event, require greater physical distancing or reduced capacity, the event organiser will re-allocate seats as deemed necessary.

All students, parents or guests, are to abide by the following requirements:
• Theatrix P.A.S. will not tolerate inappropriate or unfriendly behaviour at any time by students, parents or guests.
• The culprit, if deemed ‘inappropriate behaviour’ etc., may receive a warning, or be removed from the venue.
• Show good theatre etiquette. Applaud and encourage all performers.
• Treat everyone, as you would like to be treated. Show respect to everyone. Verbal/physical abuse won’t be tolerated.
• No injury claim is to be made against Theatrix Performing Arts Studio, for any incident/accident that may arise.

All students, parents or guests, are to abide by the following requirements:
• All patrons entering the auditorium are required to use hand sanitiser before entry (provided).
• Anyone attending this event must abide by operating procedures throughout the venue.
• Children 2 years & under do not need to purchase a ticket but are required to sit on the lap of a paying Adult.
• Please respect others by practicing appropriate physical distancing throughout the venue wherever possible.
• Please do not attend this event if you have travelled to a high-risk state or country, or been exposed to a person with COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days.
• If anyone displays any symptoms relating to COVID-19, STAY HOME. Please do not attend this event.
• If anyone tests positive for COVID-19 during/after this event (having attended), please contact us immediately on 0407 046 170 or info@theatrixpas.com.au to make our event team aware.
• Theatrix P.A.S. takes no responsibility for anyone contracting COVID-19 or any other health issues during this event.
• Patrons will be informed of further updates if needed to meet operating requirements at the time of this event running.
• The venue is a non-smoking venue (no smoking allowed anywhere on school premises) and does not allow chewing gum in any area.
• Due to copyright conditions and regulations, the recording of performances (either visual or sound) is not permitted.
No private or unauthorised video, sound or camera equipment is to be brought or used in the auditorium, backstage or holding/dressing rooms. Mobile phones with camera facility must not be used.
A ‘one warning policy’, followed by ‘eviction’ from the theatre or backstage area will be in place for all people who ignore this rule. Any photos or footage must be deleted.
• Our official event videographer reserves the right to video the event in its entirety.
• Theatrix P.A.S. reserves the right to take photos and use images for promotions, social media & websites.
• Mobile phones must be turned off in the Auditorium, Backstage Areas and holding/dressing rooms.
(Don’t put on ‘silent’, as incoming calls & texts still affect the sound system). A ‘one warning policy’, followed by
‘eviction’ from the theatre or backstage area will be in place for all people who ignore this rule or any of the rules.
• Food and drinks are NOT permitted inside the auditorium or holding/dressing rooms. (Water only permitted.)
• All audience members are expected to be quiet & behave in an acceptable manner whilst in the auditorium.
This must be respected or you will be asked to leave.
• Please respect physical distancing (if required) and operating procedures.
• Please ensure that all young children are accompanied by an adult inside the auditorium.
No child is to sit unattended in the front three rows of the auditorium.
• No prams are permitted in the auditorium as per venue regulations. (Safety/evacuation hazard)
• Audience members will only be allowed to enter and exit the auditorium in between items.
This will be strictly enforced so as not to disrupt the performer(s) on stage.
• Any students wishing to enter the auditorium to watch parts of the show, must have a performer's ticket and present this to the theatre door staff upon entry. Performer tickets must be purchased online prior to the event for $15.00 each, and will be allocated with their family's ticket booking.
• Lost property: Please contact the Theatre Manager of the venue.
• In the case of an emergency, please follow instructions from compere and event staff.

• Due to COVID-19 regulations, each dressing room may have a restricted capacity that must be adhered to.
• No responsibility will be taken for personal belongings.
• Males will not be permitted in the Female dressing rooms, nor will females be permitted in the Male dressing rooms.
• Guests & friends are not permitted in the dressing rooms.
• Parents will be required to dress their child in their first costume. Den Mothers will be allocated to students for their other items.
• If a student is only performing in one half of the concert or in parts of the program, they will be required to have a Performer's Ticket, so that they can go watch the rest of the show with their family. Den Mothers are not allocated to look after students for the whole event - they are there to help assist change costumes/hair/accessories for the student's items only.
• At no point are any photos or videos to be taken inside the change room space.
• Individuals found in these areas, that shouldn’t be there, will be asked to move on by Den Mothers and event staff.

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