Terms and Conditions  −  KLD - 2022 ENROLMENT

LES AND CONDITIONS - please read carefully

To: Kate Micó, the KLD Performing Arts and the North Ryde RSL Youth Club (“Principal”)

I, PARENT/GUARDIAN (“Parent”) ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT MY CHILD/CHILDREN will abide by all “School Rules and Conditions” as varied from time to time (see below). A full copy of the “School Rules and Conditions” can be provided upon request.

To the extent permitted by law, the Principal excludes all representation and warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the suitability or fit for purpose of the goods and/or services provided or purported to be provided by the Principal. The Parent irrevocably agrees to indemnify the Principal and its members, together with its agents, employees and officers immediately upon demand against any loss, damage, claim and/or demand of whatever nature (including consequential loss and loss of profit) and however so caused as it relates to:

• any injury sustained by the Student as a consequence of participating in and/or attending the KLD Performing Arts, the North Ryde RSL Youth Club and any related activity or function involving the KLD Performing Arts (including the Annual Dance Concert); and

• damage of any kind (including to any person or property) directly or indirectly caused by the Student’s act or omission (including negligently).

The aggregate liability of the Principal to the Parent and/or Student under or in any way in connection to this agreement or the provision of the relevant goods and/services, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or any other cause of action is limited to an amount equal to the fees payable by the Parent to KLD Performing Arts during the term in which the purported liability arises.

The Principal is entitled to set off any amounts it claims to be owing under any indemnity given by the Parent in favour of the Principal, against any amounts owing.





1. Applying for enrolment via trybooking.com doesn’t atomically grant your child/children in all the classes you listed. It will come as a first in first served bases. If classes fill you will be notified and reimbursed (minus the booking fee).
2. Enrolments will only be accepted when application form and deposit have been received.
3. Due to many of our classes being popular with waiting lists, students who wish to participate in any of the classes highlighted in Purple on our 2020 timetable must participate in a minimum of two classes per week.
4. Once enrolled, classes can only be swapped if there is room. No refunds will be provided for change of mind. Remember failure to produce at least Four Weeks before the following term will result in full fees being payable for the following term

5. The email address you have nominated on trybooking will be used for: invoices, newsletters, uniform, updates etc
6. If by a rare occasion that classes need to cancelled, due to teacher’s illness, you will be contact via SMS. If you don’t have a mobile you will be contacted by email. All lessons missed due to this nature, will be reimbursed off next term fees.

Having a dance uniform not only enhances the great spirit at our dance school but also ensures consistency and best value for money on uniform items. Students who look like dancers feel like dancers. Our School Logo Uniform must be worn to every dance lesson. Our uniform is only available for purchase at our dance school.
7. Adhere to uniform requirements. Every piece of clothing worn to class that is not uniform will need to be removed before students commence their lessons. In winter students can wear our logo crossovers;

8. This enrolment is a yearlong commitment. If you wish to discontinue your classes, Four weeks written notice must be given by filling out ‘VARIATION/CANCELLATION OF ENROLMENT’ form. Failure to produce this form at least Four Weeks before the following term will result in full fees being payable for the following term. Any costumes that have been ordered for you or examination fees etc paid on your behalf will have to be paid for. The deposit made at the beginning of the year will not be refunded;
9. Fees must be paid in full one week prior to the term commencing to attain the discounted rates. If fees are late, discounts will be withdrawn and a late fee of 10% of your total invoice will be added. Only Term 1 will incur an extension for payment of 1 week due to enrolment procedures;
10. Fees can be paid by CASH and BANK TRANSFER ONLY. No responsibility is taken for lost mail or bank transfer errors.
11. Membership and term fees are set quarterly, unless advised;
12. Since we endeavour to keep fees to a minimum, we cannot and will not offer makeup classes or credits for illness of absence (including holidays you wish to take during term dates);
13. At the start of each term, you should receive an invoice. If you do not receive one, it is your responsibility to chase up. Remember late fees apply if we do not receive your fees on time;
14. If there is an error on your invoice or you have a question, please email: kldance@outlook.com.au. If you need an extension on your Invoice, no worries, please give use at least two weeks’ notice so we can set up an alternate due date;
15. Super Star packages are a full year commitment. Fees do not include uniform, examinations, compulsory workshops, annual performance fees etc. Fees are listed on the timetable and you agree to receiving this information. Students’ examination grade will be selected by KLD. Only the classes listed in the package are included in this package – per child.

16. Enrolment is only accepted after enrolment deposit and the 2022 application (on trybooking) have been received.
17. Enrolment deposits will be reimbursed off Term ONE Fees (excluding the trybooking booking fees). This deposit is non-refundable or transferable to other classes/other students;

18. A small one off fee may be charged to your invoice to go towards Youth Club renovations. This will be outlined as Youth Club Fees. This has never happened as of yet.

19. Keep noise to a minimum upon arrival/departure at classes;
20. KLD holds no responsibility for loss of property. Please put your name on pieces of clothing, to ensure items are returned to the rightful owner;
21. At KLD we do not tolerate misbehaving students. Students who cause harm, both physically and mentally to other KLD members will be dealt with accordingly, and when necessary, expelled;

22. KLD has a no watching policy. We have this policy because we found it was distracting for the students and teachers. Parents of Little Star Classes can sit for the first few weeks to help settle your child if needed;
23. Families with younger children, please keep your children (or guest) outside the dance room as it distracts our students;

24. Agree NOT to let anyone in their duty of care to PLAY/USE play equipment inside the School grounds;

25. Due to child protection, no one is to take photographs or video footage at any of our venue, unless you have prior written permission from KLD;

26. KLD members are given the opportunity to sit their exams with BBOdance. Exams usually take place in mid-September. In technique classes; students learn a set syllabus in their Grade. These exercises are performed in front of an examiner, where they are graded. Examinations are an effective way to maintain a holistic and balanced approach to dance training. The BBO Syllabus enables students to learn various facets of dance including, creativity, musical rhythms, safe dance and they are a great part of confidence building and prepare students for future performances and competitions. We encourage all dancers, of every level, to take part.

If taking part in these exams:
• This is a FOUR term commitment;
• Students need to undertake a minimum of two classes (in the same style) per week in order to be eligible for their exams. Grade FIVE and above need to take a minimum of Three classes (in the same style);
• Some grades may need to attend extra holiday workshops, dates and fees to be confirmed;
• Students will be required to attend BBO workshop in JUNE/JULY school holidays
• Examinations are usually held in September – please keep this month free. Dates are set by BBOdance and are non-negotiable. If your away your child will have to miss out and may require to repeat the grade.
• Students will need to own their own KLD Logo Jacket and Bag to wear to and from classes.
• Students will be placed in their grade by KLD – not by age.
• Fees will depend on numbers.
• Exams results are final.
• We will try our best to accommodate where we can with other sports, however, students are required to prioritise KLD technique examination classes over all other sports and activities. If absent for more than 3 or more classes, make up lessons (at and additional cost) may need to be taken.
• Please find out your other activities times before enroling in this class. This is a full year commitment. If you can no longer attend lesson – full term/year will still be charged.

27. Fees are determined on numbers;
28. Students will be assessed and put into the correct level according to ability – not age.
29. If you have an injury, advise the coach before commencing your lesson;
30. Due to safety, if late and you miss out on the warm up students may not participate in the remaining lesson.
31. First Acro/cheer class will be in charge of setting up the mats. Last class will be in charge of packing up.
32. More rules and conditions may be added later;

33. Understand students will be divided up into ability (and not age).

34. This is a FOUR term (yearlong) commitment;
35. In addition to this class, students must be taking KLD technique classis, recreational Ballet & Jazz (combo) and Acro. From age 15 years, students can also choose between Examinations and Acro;
36. Students are required to participate in the Granny Smith Parade (morning) and the (afternoon) Stage Performance for 2022;
37. Students are required to participate in the 2022 Annual Dance Performance;
38. Students will need to own their own KLD Logo Jacket and Bag to wear to and from all classes and performances;
39. Students are required to attend all THREE-FIVE competitions in 2022, plus the Granny Smith Festival and any other performance event;
40. Students are required to attend 2022 Photo Day (X2);
41. Students are required to prioritise all KLD events. For absences (such as holidays) we require 4 weeks written notice to office@kldperformingarts.com.au. Failure to do so may result in not being able to enrol in selected classes the following year. Please remember this is a team effort and changing the routine and/or dance positions can come quite stressful for all involved;
42. Showcase will cost an additional fee. Approx. $300 for the year. This fee pays for approx THREE-FIVE competitions;
43. At events and/or in class, KLD may take photos and/or videos of students. You give permission for these items to be placed on our social media pages;
44. More rules may be added later;

45. Superstar packages have been put together to help minimise costs for students who wish to participate in all classes. This class is a yearlong commitment from Term One to Term Four 2022;
46. More rules may be added in later;

47. Give KLD permission to choose the music that your child dances to. Understand that KLD will do its best to only use radio (clean) edit versions;

48. As you may be aware, child protection law keeps changing. Due to the nature of dance, we need to be able to correct your child to ensure safe dance and good technique. At times when correcting, this cannot be done verbally and our teachers will need to correct them by demonstrating and if necessary, using their hands. You agree to give KLD and their teacher’s permission to correct your child/children when necessary;

49. No students are to leave the dance venue until parents have collected them from collection point. KLD Performing Arts have no responsibility for students who leave the premises without a parent or guardian. DO NOT ORGANISE TO COLLECT YOUR CHILD FROM CAR PARK;
50. If late in picking up your child more than two times (depending on circumstances) within one year, a late fee of $5 + GST per 15 minutes may occur. If you have had a family emergency, car troubles etc please just notify your teacher via SMS;

51. No student is to use any choreography from KLD at any show, performance or school event, unless you have
pre-approved WRITTEN permission from us;

52. If you have any questions, please kindly email ONLY;
53. Due to the hours of teaching, Text messages and/or Phone calls that are received after 2.30pm Monday to Friday will go unanswered;

54. At events and/or in class KLD may take photos and/or videos of students. You give permission for these items to be placed on our social media pages;

55. Irrevocably authorises and agrees to the ‘Photograph Release’ (as shown below);

This form must be signed by a parent/guardian (students over 18 years of age may sign on their own behalf); and



The Parent irrevocably authorises the Principal (and its contractors or employees) to take photographs and/or video footage of the student during dance classes and events, including but not limited to the Annual Dance Performance (E.G: Head shots for the program), Rehearsals, Photo Day, and Exam Day (‘Recordings”).

Furthermore, the parent irrevocably authorises the Principal to publish the Recordings for use in advertising, newsletters, programs and websites associated with the Principal.

The Parent hereby releases and holds the Principal harmless against loss or claim associated with any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentially associated with the Recordings.
The parent further acknowledges that participation in this regard is voluntary and both the Parent of the Student will not receive compensation of any type associated with the Recordings. The Recordings remain the intellectual property of KLD Performing Arts.

The Parent releases and indemnifies (including for consequential loss) the Principal (and its contracts, employees or and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of marketing) from Liability for any Loss or claim associated or in any way related to the Recordings or use of the Recordings.


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