Terms and Conditions  −  Little Tackers 5-7 yrs

In this era of online zoom classes, there are a few things to consider. Online safety is one of those things, and user satisfaction and smooth running of online classes is another.
We ask the following:
• Please ensure that your child is set up in a quiet space where they won’t be interrupted by extraneous noise, siblings, pets. They should also have some ability to move about and do physical things.
• Before class starts they should have set up access to writing materials, and water.
• If using a virtual background the wall behind should be clear of objects for optimal quality.
• Please do an internet speed test before heading into the class, and ensure that your child’s first name appears as their zoom name
• Check camera angles and visibility – we have seen a LOT of chins and foreheads recently.
• Check sound including headsets
• Lighting – a bit of side lighting is good, back lighting isn’t good.

SAYarts aims to protect the online safety and wellbeing of all its young people and therefore will be employing the following safety features of the Zoom software to ensure safety during their workshops:
1. Young People will not be allowed to join meetings without a Lead Artist (or in Zoom terms a ‘Host’) present, therefore eliminating unsupervised online communications.
2. Our digital workshops will be password protected, to ensure that outside parties are not able to join the meeting.
3. SAYarts will disable the ‘private chat’ function to ensure that young people are not able to communicate / share online content without supervision. **This may be adjusted in older groups**
4. When using the ‘breakout room’ function, our Lead Artists and Assistant Artists will continually rotate between rooms for maximum supervision, however there may be short periods of times when young people are not directly supervised.
5. When screen-sharing, SAYarts staff will ensure that only content appropriate for children is visible.
6. Parents should consider, where in the house their child will use Zoom software, noting that the camera will allow other class members to see into your home. Zoom gives its users the ability to add a ‘virtual background’ to protect privacy. You can read about that function here: https://support.zoom. us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Virtual-Background
• Our Child Safe Environments Policy still stands – we just apply the principles online, navigating ways of being safe and respectful, together, in new territory. However, just like our in-person workshops, we encourage our young people to always treat each other with respect.
• Please read the following online behaviour agreement. If you require further clarification of any points, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our staff.
1. Parents should provide appropriate supervision for their child. For children under 8, parents must be present during the workshop. For young people aged 9 – 12, parents should be supervising from within the same premises.
2. Young people should always consider the appropriateness of any material that they share with the group. They will not share images, language or video content that is sexual, violent, racist, profane or provocative in nature. Participants will not share content from sites that do not align with our values of inclusion and respect, or that would bring SAYarts into ill repute. These include, but are not limited to hate group websites, conspiracy theory websites, imageboard websites of ill repute and websites requiring age confirmation before entry. Exceptions to this are research for productions (On The Fringe, in the supervised context of devising work)
3. Young people will communicate positively and respectfully with other members of their class. When in a SAYarts workshop, they will not engage in online bullying, teasing or name-calling through the chat function, or video functions of Zoom.
4. Young people will respect the privacy of their classmates. They may not voice record, video record, photograph or screen shot any part of the workshop.
5. Young people should consider the content on their computer if they are invited to screen share. They must omit any inappropriate material from their screen prior to screen sharing on this platform.
6. Young people will not share any images or video unless invited to share by the workshop artists. They must not attempt to share any images or video content unless invited to do so by the workshop artists.
7. Young people will not engage in any online behaviour that is illegal or harmful to others (such as grooming, catfishing, impersonation, threats). They must at all times refrain from any behaviour that can be considered illegal or harmful to any participants in the workshop including the workshop artist.
Consequences of Our usual Terms and Conditions also apply.

Fees are averaged across the school year. Fees are non-refundable. There is no refund or reduction in fees for missed classes. Fees are not reduced for Come & Try classes attended.
Fees cannot be transferred from previous terms or other classes, please book in with a full payment before the beginning of each term.

Each student is expected to perform in the yearly showcase and other performance opportunities and to organize costumes as directed.
Students enrolled in Performance-outcome based classes (eg On the Fringe) must commit to the schedule and conditions of that class or we reserve the right to remove the student from the class.

**Children will be admitted to the online class by the host. **
Children are to be dropped off by a Parent or Guardian no more than 15 minutes before the start of the class and picked up no more than 15 minutes after the end of the class by a Parent or Guardian unless written consent is given for someone else to pick up your child. A late fee of $30 applies for every 15 minutes after this time.

** This clause has been augmented for online classes: For children under 8, parents should be in the same area as the ZOOM class. Please read the Online Safety Policy. **
Parents do not stay during the class. This inhibits the student and other students.

Students should bring labelled water bottles, and wear comfortable safe clothing and footwear. Thongs are not appropriate.

Parents are responsible for checking for and responding to all communication from SAYarts and for informing us of new communication details.

By enrolling your child with the SAYarts you give permission for us to photograph/film your child and their work for SAYarts’ promotional, archival, and funding purposes only. This may include their work being published in our brochures, on social media, on our website or submitted to festivals, events and funding bodies as evidence of artistic outcomes. If for any safety reasons, you do not wish for us to take or use photos of your child or their artwork please notify us in writing.
Our lessons and demonstrations are the intellectual property of South Australian Youth Arts and are not to be photographed, recorded or copied in any way.

All of our Tutors are DCSI screened for working with children and all due care is taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. Our core tutors are trained in Responding To Abuse and Neglect and are governed by the SAYarts Child Safe Policy. Our Assistants have Police Checks. Poor or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and will be addressed by the tutors.

INDEMNITY: By enrolling your child with the SAYarts The Parent or Guardian acknowledges that the School or its employees or agents will not be responsible whether in contract or negligence for any loss, harm or injury caused to or suffered by any or all of the student(s) as a result of negligence of the Company or its employees or agents. The Parent or Guardian agrees to indemnify the Company and its employees or agents against loss, harm or injury caused to or suffered by any or all of the student(s) as a result of the negligence of the Company or its employees or agents.

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