Terms and Conditions  −  Jaguar Car Club of Victoria | Winton 2022 Track Day

Jaguar Car Club of Victoria (JCCV)
Standing Regulations for a Club event at Winton Motor Raceway
Saturday 30th July 2022

The event shall be a Multi-Club Track Familiarization, Driver Training & Super Sprint conducted under the provisions of the National Competition Rules (NCR) of the Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA), these Standing Regulations and any further Regulations that may be issued. The meeting shall be conducted under the organizing Permit No (to be completed)
The organiser and promoter is the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria (JCCV)
The Event Secretary of the meeting is Lynda Moore 11 Bruce Street, Moonee Ponds. VIC. 3039.
9326 1924 after 6.00pm
The meeting will be held at Winton Motor Raceway on Saturday 30th July 2022 over a distance of 3.0 km’s per lap in a clockwise direction. The event will consist of timed sessions of up to 15 minutes. The Maximum number of cars in any session will not exceed 20 Cars.
A Drivers Briefing is scheduled for 8:35. Attendance is compulsory and sign-up sheets must be signed by all competitors. Drivers will not be allowed on the track if they have not signed the drivers briefing sign-up sheet.

Clerk of the Course Gavin Moore (AASAO151TL)
Safety Officer’s Kevin Brown (AASAO1075TL)
Chief Scrutineer Phil Pearmain 1003951 (Motorsport Aust.)
Event Secretary Lynda Moore (TBA)
Time Keeper Winton Timing

Personal Accident Insurance Cover is automatically provided for all AASA and AASA recognized licensed entrants participating in this AASA permitted event.
The Entry Fee per driver is $240.00 per driver. Discount entries apply to all ladies and all Juniors (under 21 y/o on the day) at $210.00 The event will be open to members of the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria and any other invited clubs, AASA or equivalent licencer. Current Club Membership card & competition licence (CAMS L2SJ or better or AASA day licence which is available online at aasa.com.au must be presented at check in. PLEASE purchase your AASA Day Licence prior to entering the event and insert licence no. on entry form.
The Entry Limit is 110 Competitors.
Entries must be received by 5PM Friday 22nd July 2022 or until all places are fully subscribed. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the event secretary upon payment of an additional $50 late fee. Payment must accompany the Entry Form. Entries not paid for will be accepted at the sole discretion of the Event Secretary, but must be paid before entry to the track is permitted. Competitors will be advised by email of their acceptance into this event.
The Secretary reserves the right to refuse any Entry.Only 2 drivers per vehicle will be accepted


Scrutineering will be by Self Scrutiny Declaration which will be emailed to all entrants prior to the event. YOU MUST BRING the completed form with you at check in. No car shall be permitted to practice or compete unless it bears evidence that the Self Scrutiny sheet has been completed.
TARGETED scrutineering will also occur during the day

All non-road registered vehicles must, if fitted with an opening front Panel (e.g. Bonnet), utilize 2 separate fastening systems. Road Registered Production Vehicles are exempt from this requirement.
A fire extinguisher is mandatory and must comply with Australian Standards 1841.5 ABE Powder 1KG (save that extinguishers which meet A.S 1841.2 are not permitted). The extinguisher must be of at least 900g capacity and be secured by a metal bracket within easy reach of the driver. (Note: BCF/Halon extinguishers are now prohibited). The JCCV requires an approved extinguisher with a manufactured date (NOT Sale Date) of less than 3 years old.
All drivers/occupants MUST wear an approved helmet whenever on the circuit as per AASA Standing Regulations 2.11. Helmets bearing the following marking are approved for use; AS1698, Australian Standard; SFI Spec 31.1,31.2,31.1A,31.2A USA Standard: E22(with 03,04 or 05 amendments European Standard; BS 6658.85 Type A and A/FR (including amendments) British Standard,. Helmets exceeding these standards are accepted.
Seat belt or harness – minimum lap\sash belt to Australian standards, goggles/visor must be fitted in an open car and flame resistant clothing (no nylon or synthetics) from the ankle to neck to wrist must be worn, including flame resistant shoe with leather uppers or meet AASA Apparel Requirements Apendix 4 4.5 Level B1.
All loose objects must be removed from vehicles.
Tyres must be fitted with metal valve caps.
A return mechanism must be fitted, which in the event of any throttle linkage failure will close each, and all, throttle bodies
A blue triangle indicating the position of the battery must be adhered to the vehicle.
The vehicle must have operating brake lights and the battery and exhaust should be secure.
Roll Over Protection is recommended for open cars and compulsory for cars fitted with Slick or racing tyres. Roll-over Protection must be properly and safely constructed and mounted.
Helmet and Head Protection: Where a helmet of an occupant could come into contact with the safety cage structure, protective padding must be applied to that area.
Vehicles may compete without operating headlights, but if the Clerk of the Course determines that headlights are required for safety reasons, then Vehicles without operating headlights will not be permitted on the Track. Headlight Glass/Perspex must be clear and not coloured. All forward facing glass, excluding the windscreen, must be covered with a transparent film.
Any cars immobilized on the circuit will be removed by an official vehicle. Drivers must REMAIN in the vehicle with seatbelts done up and helmet on, unless a fire is apparent or unless cleared to do so by the safety personnel. Any car towed or trailered from the circuit during practice or competition through damage must be re-examined by a scrutineer before being allowed back on the track.
Vehicles which exceed 95dB may be black flagged and shall cease competition, leave the track at the first available exit point, and not resume competition until the noise problem has been rectified and verified by the Chief Scrutineer. A second noise infringement may at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course result in the competitor not being permitted to compete for the rest of the day.
Engine Noise is to be restricted before 9:00 am. No car can be driven over idle speed before 9.00 am.
A Penalty as determined by the Clerk of Course will be applied for any noise infringement, which may include exclusion from the event.
All cars shall be required to carry regulation competition numbers clearly displayed on the Left and Right side of the vehicle (Upper Door or equivalent area). Numbers will be supplied at registration. Cars not bearing numbers considered adequate by the Chief Timekeeper may not be timed. Numbers must be affixed to the vehicle prior to scrutineering.
Official timed runs will be in groups set by the Event Secretary. No re-runs will be given for mechanical failure or driver error, however any re-run allocated by the Clerk of the Course to a competitor or Run Group must be taken as directed. The decision of the Chief Timekeeper about times recorded shall be final.
Gates will open at 7.00 am and close by 5.00 pm. Competition will cease at aprox. 4.00 pm. This will allow time for Entrants to pack up and leave the circuit.
In accordance with our Track Hire with Winton Motor Raceway, a maximum of 20 litres of fuel per car may be stored in each garage at any one time. Additional Fuel must be stored outside the garage in the paddock area. During refueling the engine must be stopped, no naked flames are permitted within 6 metres and an assistant must stand by with a fire extinguisher.
Any cost incurred by the Organisers from the venue for repair or clean-up of the circuit or grounds, due to action or incident caused by a competitor, or competitors, will be the responsibility of the competitor, or competitors, to reimburse.
A speed limit of 10km/h shall apply in the pits and all areas, other than the track.
Protests must be lodged in accordance with Part XII of the NCR.
The Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel, abandon or postpone the event.
During any event, consumption of alcoholic beverages in the paddock, pits or any other portion of the competition venue under the control of the officials is expressly forbidden until all practice or competition activity is concluded for the day. Any driver or crew member who is found to be affected by alcohol or other drugs on the day of the event or practice, therefore shall not be permitted to participate.

Timing will be Electronic using transponders. PLEASE NOTE. As we are using Winton Timing, Dorian transponders will not be used. All competitors will need to use Winton Transponders. The official timing is judge of fact.

Various Trophies for both regularity and time will be awarded at the Saturday Night Dinner.

Passengers are permitted in the passenger seat in vehicle sessions and must be 14 years of age or older.
Indemnity forms must be signed.
The driver may not be the parent or guardian of the passenger.
Correct apparel must be worn as per part 5 of this document.
Maximum speed for vehicles with passengers is 80% of the driver’s capability.
Overtaking is only permitted on the straights except where an automobile is stopped on the course or moving slowly due to mechanical failure or similar problem. •
A panic code shall be determined and agreed upon by each Driver and Passenger that can be used by the Passenger to indicate that they are no longer agreeable to continue. In the event of the panic code being used or displayed by the Passenger, the Driver shall promptly slow down and exit the Course.

7.00am Gates Open
7.10am Check in Opens
7.15am Scrutiny Opens
8.35am Compulsory Drivers Briefing.
9.00am First time novices, 2 laps behind safety car for track familiarisation.
9.15am Timed Speed Runs (All Groups)
12.35pm Lunch (Parade or Display may occur)
1.10pm Timed speed Run (All Groups)



I/WE acknowledge and agree as a condition of entry that neither the promoters, nor AASA, nor the sponsor organization, nor the land owners or lessees, nor the organisers of the event, nor their respective servants, officials, representatives or agents (all of whom shall collectively be called ‘the Organisers’), shall be under any liability for my death, or any bodily injury, loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me as a result of participation in or being present at the event, except in regard to any rights that I may have under the trade Practices Act 1974.
I/WE acknowledge that motor sport is dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage can and do happen.
I understand that this disclaimer is not intended to exclude any valid claim I may have under the AASA Personal Insurance Scheme


I/WE being the entrant of the vehicle described on this entry form wish to enter the vehicle for the above event.

I/WE certify that the particulars on this form are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.

I/WE agree to the disclaimer above and have read and understood the Supplementary Regulations.

I/WE accept the condition of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending or participating in the event and being provided with the event services by AASA and Associated Entities.

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