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My event has closed early.

It is easy to extend your booking window, go to Manage Events click on Session Times under Basic Information and extend the booking end date and time. For more details information on working with session times, please go to the learning centre.

My event hasn't opened.

If your event hasn't opened at the time you expected, it might be that you haven't selected the correct timezone for your event. To check and edit the timezone selected for your event, go to Manage Events and click on Sessions Times under Basic Information. For more details information on timezones, please go to the learning centre.

I want to delete or archive my event.

Should you no longer require the event that you have created or want to delete an event, there are detailed instructions on how to achieve this in the learning centre.

I want to adjust ticket prices for my event.

To adjust the ticket prices go to Manage Events / Pricing Groups (ticket prices). From here click on the pricing group listed, this will display your current prices in a table. Click on the name of the ticket type and make the edit. For more detailed information on working with prices, please go to the learning centre.

How to process free or complimentary tickets.

To issue free or complimentary tickets we recommend setting up a promo code or using a hidden ticket. For more details information on working with complimentary tickets, please go to the learning centre.

How much does it cost to use TryBooking?

TryBooking is Australia's most affordable platform. We do not have tiered pricing, charges for support or subscriptions and our prices include GST. For more information about pricing and fees please visit our pricing page.

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