Case study

Ruyton Girls' School

Ruyton Girls' School

Ruyton Girls' School found TryBooking flexible enough to use for almost all school events and activities.


Ruyton Girls' School in Melbourne's East, is both rich in tradition and one of Australia's most innovative schools. So progressing to online ticketing made good sense for the school and its community. 


The change

"The more we learn about TryBooking, the more applications we use it for," explains Caroline Creese, Ruyton's Director of Development. 

"Over the past three years, we have found many ways to use it.

People needn't just think of TryBooking for ticketed productions. We use it for most of our events and activities at the school. It's a great resource."

Using TryBooking significantly reduces our administration time and costs, particularly in terms of front-of-house for major productions. We have also been able to sell pre-show and interval champagne and sandwiches using the system.

This means we don't have that extra level of food preparation on the night - one less thing to do and a much smaller roster of volunteers in our tiny kitchen!"

Pre and post-event administration is now much simpler.  "Clear lists are available from reports on the system. You can even compile your own list, if a template doesn't exist, through the CSV export function."

Ruyton uses TryBooking to collect RSVPs for numerous events including Balls, Luncheons, Mothers'/Fathers' Day Breakfasts, Year Level Functions, parties and fundraising activities like Discos and Movie Nights.  "For the dinners and lunches I now have an accurate and instant list of attendees, the seating plan is easy to construct, and I receive a complete list of dietary requirements straight from the system."

"Our Finance Department finds it much simpler to deal with. It makes the cash and accounting administration easier and clearer. There's an instant summary of income. The Finance Department has a clear print out of itemised income that they can match to the amount transferred into the bank account. This means that there is no additional counting, checking - extra work - for them."

"The CSV function in the Reports Section means I can customise Excel reports to suit, without any data entry or double handling of information."


The results

Now, three years on, Ruyton uses TryBooking for almost all of its events and activities.

Caroline concludes, "TryBooking is simple to use. It can be adapted to many sorts of events and it's very secure. Using TryBooking actually gives me more time to communicate with our community!"


Caroline Creese
Director of Development
Ruyton Girls' School

Two girls walking through the grounds at school

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