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  • Saturday 12 March 2022
    Comedy legend George Kapiniaris teams up with Gab Rossi for a musical stand-up comedy spectacular A NIGHT AT THE WOPERA. It’s a show that pays homage to musical greats such as Queen, Elton John and a host of others in their signature “woggy” style. What’s a WOPera ? It’s not the new burger by Hungry Jacks, It’s a Wop Opera. It’s a Wop n Roll Stand Up Musical. It’s Lady Yia Yia. It’s a Calabrian Rhapsody. It’s a Show Of Ethnic Proportions.
    Centenary Hall
  • Friday 18 March 2022
    The life of Adele, from humble beginnings as a student alongside the great Amy Winehouse, to the recordings of her debut album 19 through to the smash hits ‘21’ and ‘25’. Adele is one of the biggest names in the world of music with songs ‘Someone Like You’ to ‘When We Were Young’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Rolling in The Deep’ to name a few. Featuring Erin Sowersby as Adele and Musical Direction by Ray Lindon with their fabulous 6-piece band. Laugh at her humour, cry with her pain, sing along to the songs.
    Centenary Hall