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Dancehouse is Australia's premier centre for independent dance. Our role is threefold: to advance independent dance artists, to build dance audiences, and to develop the artform itself. With artists and audiences, we are co-creating a context for independent dance, in its diversity, to be accessed and appreciated. Together, we are nurturing dance making and dance thinking; we are building dance literacy and dance's legacy.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Sunday 1 November 2020
    Dancehouse’s 12 for $12 prepaid credit is designed to make one off, last minute bookings easier! Simply pre-purchase a block of 12 hours of rehearsal time for $12 per hour ($144) to be redeemed against future bookings. At $12 per hour, this prepaid credit is even cheaper than membership rates! Rehearsals only, valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • Between Thursday 1 April 2021 and Friday 2 April 2021
    A Dancehouse membership will put you front and centre to a very special dance world, that of the independent Australian dance community. There is no better way to keep your body agile and your mind mobile! Dancehouse Membership, valid a full 12 months from the day of signing up.