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Dancehouse is Australia's premier centre for independent dance. Our role is threefold: to advance independent dance artists, to build dance audiences, and to develop the artform itself. With artists and audiences, we are co-creating a context for independent dance, in its diversity, to be accessed and appreciated. Together, we are nurturing dance making and dance thinking; we are building dance literacy and dance's legacy.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Between Sunday 29 August 2021 and Sunday 31 October 2021
    Now Pieces is a curated monthly platform for improvised performance, practice exchange, and building community. It names the here and now, responds to the immediate and the personal and meets the wider social, political, and atmospheric moment we share. Now Pieces was conceived and run by Kevin Jeynes (2019); paused with the world (2020); coordinated by Amaara Raheem with Kevin Jeynes (2021).
  • Saturday 25 September 2021
    Toast or Be Toasted vol.2 (TOBT) aims to bring together the street dance community in a celebration of dance through showcasing artists abilities by a traditional battle format. TOBT v.2 has a 1v1 Hip Hop category and 2v2 open styles category with a chosen judge for each category. In addition, there is a showcase from some of Melbourne’s leading Melbourne Hip Hop freestyle dancers.
    Dancehouse - Sylvia Staehli Theatre