Tips for Everyday Skills: Eating (Launceston)
15 November 2018 12:30 PM
Early Childhood Intervention Service (ECIS)
11a Munford Street, Kings Meadows TAS 7249
Early Days Parent/Carer Workshop
Parent Info: Autism and Sensory Processing (Beaconsfield)
20 November 2018 10:45 AM
Beaconsfield Child and Family Centre
33 Grubb St, Beaconsfield TAS 7270
Sensory processing differences are common in autism and can cause challenges for participating in everyday activities. This session explores the nature and impact of these differences and strategies for managing challenges.
Positive Behaviour Support - Ulverstone
PART 1: 21 Nov 2018; PART 2: 5 Dec 2018
Montgomery Room
Carpark Lane, Ulverstone TAS 7315
Professional Development Workshop