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Fish Creek Carnival

Bringing the joy of circus and cabaret to the South GIppsland Coommunity.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Between Monday 27 December 2021 and Thursday 30 December 2021
    Circus workshops for everyone to brighten your holiday period!
    Fish Creek Town Park
  • Can you make a show with bubblegum and sticky tape? Of course you can when the circus comes to town.
    Fish Creek Town Park
  • Between Friday 31 December 2021 and Saturday 1 January 2022
    Welcome the new year with optimism and acrobats at the biggest party Fish Creek has ever seen! With all the glitz, glamour and pizzazz of the 1920’s, live entertainment will be bursting out of every crevice of The Fish Creek Hotel when the Fish Creek Carnival takes over. Your favourite cheeky MC, Minnie Andrews, will guide us through an evening of spectacular circus, hilarious cabaret and a whole lot more.
    Fish Creek Hotel