Queensland Debating Union Inc.

The Queensland Debating Union (QDU) is an association which promotes and organizes school-level debating in Queensland, Australia. The Union runs an annual training seminar weekend, provides ongoing assistance and presentations for schools which request our assistance, and facilitates the distribution of material relating to debating, coaching and adjudicating. The Union also organizes debating competitions and activities between primary and secondary schools throughout Queensland.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Between Wednesday 1 December 2021 and Sunday 1 January 2023
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  • Sunday 21 August 2022
    The Gold Coast workshops are a series of mini-lectures, workshops and discussion sessions aimed at PRIMARY SCHOOL students competing in the QDU Primary School competitions. These sessions will be conducted by experienced debaters who will demonstrate the three key aspects of debating – matter, manner and method
    The Southport School