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Shinju Matsuri

Shinju Matsuri, Broome's Festival of the Pearl has been an iconic part of the regional WA events program since 1970. A celebration of Broome's unique & diverse culture & history, via a 16 day program of events that tantalise all senses sight, sound & most of all TASTE.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Wednesday 24 August 2022
    Experience the finest Broome cuisine made by a collaboration of talented local chefs. Chinatown Feast is a starlit Hawkers Market with a Broome-style twist. Held in the heart of Broome on the streets of Chinatown, this event is a feast for the senses featuring cultural entertainment from local Kimberley artists and touring performers.
  • Friday 26 August 2022
    Take in the beauty of Broome’s world famous Roebuck Bay, at the Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures Jetty Gala, set amongst the iconic mangroves on Town Beach Jetty. Delight your senses as you indulge in a celebration of Kimberley delicacies, including pearl meat & seasonal produce, paired with a local beverage selection & feature cocktail list. Sit back, dine & be entertained by local musicians & performers... the perfect evening under the stars!
    Town Beach Jetty
  • Sunday 28 August 2022
    Experience the Floating Lantern Matsuri in style. Enjoy sunset views in the Floating Lantern Matsuri VIP lounge before sending your lantern out to sea. Your ticket includes event entry including access to the Floating Lantern Matsuri VIP lounge, your lantern kit, open bar and a special locally catered canape menu.
    Gantheaume Beach
  • Saturday 3 September 2022
    Indulge in an opulent night dining under the stars at our premier dining event, the Sunset Long Table Dinner on spectacular Cable Beach. Renowned as one of the most exclusive dining tables in WA, every year the Sunset Long Table Dinner is the most anticipated Shinju Matsuri event. Featuring a menu curated by feature chef Brendan Pang & catered by Sydney Cove Oyster Bar Broome, showcasing local ingredients & seasonal produce, inspired by Broome's rich cultural tapestry.
    Cable Beach