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STATE LIBRARY NSW - 18 June 2023 - Epic of Everest (1924)

Sunday 18 June 2023
Epic of Everest (1924) Digitally restored 1924 Everest documentary with soundtrack. 85 minutes. “The official film record of the legendary and tragic Everest expedition of 1924 is one of the most remarkable films ever made. Filming in brutally harsh conditions with a hand-cranked camera, Captain John Noel captured images of breathtaking beauty and considerable historic significance. The film is also among the earliest filmed records of life in Tibet but what resonates so deeply is Noel’s ability to frame the vulnerability, isolation and courage of people persevering in one of the world’s harshest landscapes. The stunning restoration by the BFI has transformed the quality of the surviving elements of the film and reintroduced the original coloured tints and tones…..few images in cinema are as epic – or moving – as the final shots of a blood red sunset over the Himalayas. The haunting score composed by the acclaimed Simon Fisher Turner matches the grandeur of this truly epic masterpiece.
State Library NSW