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Mindhacking for Health: Weight Management Mon 9 Apr 2018

Mindhacks for Health: Weight Management
with Matt Hale

Want to have the same success as these previous attendees?!

"I would like to thank you as when i saw you I was 110kg I am now 75kg... I am feeling so much better."

"4% body weight loss since I saw you"

"finding it very easy to follow your simple steps and have so far found that I no longer want all the extras I was eating"

"I've survived 2 office parties so far and have lost consistently every day"

"I'm over the moon - feeling great! Haven't really had the urge to snack. It just seems to be working with me"

"This morning recorded what I think is a 3 year lowest weight. Amazing” 

Are you ready to lose weight? Whether it's 2kgs or 32kgs... 
Finally, a Fun, Effective Weight Management Program with No Dieting

This Weight Management session introduces behaviour changing techniques, coupled with hypnosis to get you eating less...for the rest of your life! 
Unlike "diets" where you restrict calories (sometimes severely) until you achieve a goal and are then "off" the diet, this session is designed to have you eating less right away, but not through a demanding system. 
Although we don't count calories, we lessen consumption of foods through assertive behaviour. 
In essence, you consume fewer calories, but without a strict calorie restrictive system. 

The session lasts approx an hour and a half. 
Everyone who attends also receives an audio program and worknotes to help you become the healthy, happy weight you desire.?

Date: Monday 9 April 2018
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Perth Consulting Rooms, 4/114 Churchill Ave, Subiaco WA 6008

CONTACT DETAILS: 1300 660490 /