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Fundamentals of ECG Interpretation and Management 2021


This is a 6 weeks comprehensive ECG interpretation and arrhythmia management short course designed for clinicians (medical and nursing) who require knowledge and skills to interpret a normal 12-lead electrocardiogram, to recognise deviations from normal and to implement appropriate management.
The program will be delivered over 6 weeks of 2hrs session (60mins lecture and 60mins tutorial).

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Apply an understanding of normal cardiac function and electrophysiology to a cardiac assessment
  • Apply basic principles of cardiac rhythm analysis to a rhythm strip and correctly identify normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms
  • Demonstrate knowledge application of interpreting abnormalities in a 12-lead ECG
  • Be able to recognise life-threatening arrhythmias and acute ECG changes and initiate timely management actions
  • Describe the causes, significance, treatment, and management in the different types of heart blocks and arrhythmias
  • Analyse modalities of treatment for arrhythmias: non-pharmacological and pharmacological


Medical, Nursing and Related Allied-Health. 


Online interactive webinar format (delivered live)

Course Dates in year 2021

1st Intake: 3rd February to 10th March 2021 (every Wednesday), 10am to 12pm 
2nd Intake: 5th May to 9th June 2021 (every Wednesday), 10am to 12pm
3rd Intake: 1st September to 6th October 2021 (every Wednesday), 10am to 12pm   



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