Expressions of Interest for Fatigue Management Programs 2021



Fatigue Management Programs 2021


If fatigue is limiting what you can achieve please register your interest in being involved with our fatigue management programs. We have a number of options to assist you to manage your fatigue and we'll be in contact to work out the most suitable option for you. Once we have received your expression of interest, we will advise you regarding your options for support to manage your fatigue

FACETS (Fatigue: Applying Cognitive behavioural and Energy Effectiveness Techniques to LifeStyle) is an evidence-based group program for people living with multiple sclerosis. It’s designed to help you learn to manage your fatigue.

The FACETS program incorporates ‘energy effectiveness’ techniques and ways to maximise your energy, – as well as cognitive behavioural strategies, and helpful ways of thinking about fatigue.

The program was developed in the United Kingdom by researchers from Bournemouth University and clinical staff from Poole Hospital.

The FACETS program consists of six sessions in groups of 8–12 people held weekly.
 The cost is $80.


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(please ignore the a date of December 31, this is a system requirement not an actual program)