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Typical Child Development - Distance Based Online Module (SOLD OUT)

Typical Child Development - Distance Based Online Module (SOLD OUT)


This 7 week (40 hour equivalent) online-learning module will explore Typical Child Development 0 - 12 months of age.

The course runs from 19th July 2021 for 7 weeks, and costs $880 inc GST, plus booking fees.

This course content is essential knowledge and understanding for all Paediatric Therapists. Child development in the first 12 months of life will be studied in detail. We will explore not only what infants are doing, but also HOW they are learning new skills and refining others. The course content will cover all developmental domains including fine motor, gross motor, oro motor, communication and cognitive development. 

The course is relevant for Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Pathologists, particularly those working as a key worker in a transdisciplinary model.

This course forms one of the modules for the certifcated Paediatric Foundation Course (based on Bobath/NDT) pathway. It is run collaboratively between the Australian Bobath Neurodevelopmental Therapy Association (ABNDTA) and the New Zealand Bobath Association (NZBA). 

How it works:

Course content includes lectures, videos and reading material. Pre-reading will be sent 2 weeks prior to the course starting, and is it useful to access a recommended Child Development Textbook during the course (refer to details below). Ongoing tutor support is provided to support and guide your learning with the weekly compulsory online tutorials, and assignment completion. 

- Course participants will be provided access to an online learning site, where course material can be accessed at a time that suits each individual learner.

- Teaching materials include PowerPoint lecture in PDF format; confidential video clips of babies; relevant readings; assignment guide

- There are 7 compulsory weekly online tutorials either late afternoon or evenings to check in and consolidate learning and answer questions.

- The course content is presented in trimesters; a trimester is loaded each week. Participants will need to read and assimilate the material, i.e. review the interactive power point lectures, videos, any research articles and supplementary readings as the course progresses.

- Participants are encouraged to write information in a reflective log book as you view the online module as this will contribute to the basis of your assignments. 

- Participants will be able to synthesise and evaluate the course information through engaging in critical questioning, the weekly tutorials and the assignments.

- Participants must arrange access to the compulsory text books for the course. Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year by Lois Bly, and/or Normal Development of Functional Motor Skills by Alexander, Boehme and Cupps. These texts can be difficult to source. We recommend Amazon as a good option to purchase these, and to arrange these as soon as you have registered for the course. Alternatively, contact the course organiser, and we can arrange one to be lent to you from ABNDTA.

The course has been developed to allow you to study in a manner that best suits you and your practice context. The time committment will vary for each participant dependent on their previous knowledge of typical child development, however as a rule of thumb, each week includes a minimum of approximately 5 hours of study plus one hour of tutorial attendance. 

Completion of all components of this module, including the assignments to a satisfactory level, is necessary to being issued with the module completion certificate and to progress along the certificated Paediatric Foundation Course (based on Bobath/NDT) pathway. Alternatively, it can also be completed as a stand alone module. 

Please note that any participants who wish to also complete the further module components of the Paediatric Foundation Course or Infant Handling Course will be eligble for a $200 reduction in course fees when the participant books on the second course. Please contact the event organiser directly to discuss this.

** In addition it is important to highlight that there are strictly no refunds provided if you are unable to participate in the course after registering. 


Kelly Reynolds, Physiotherapist, Bobath Tutor - Course Coordinator and Lead Tutor

Sarah Foley, Physiotherapist, Senior Bobath Tutor

Kelsey Jamieson, Occupational Therapist, Bobath Tutor

Katy Caynes, Speech Pathologist, Bobath Tutor

Frances DiCocco, Speech Pathologist, Bobath Tutor

Rosie Mason, Physiotherapist, Tutor Trainee



Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.


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