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EGA Microdose Webcast 8: John Safran takes on Big Tobacco

EGA Microdose Webcast 8: John Safran takes on Big Tobacco

Our Eighth Microdose Webcast episode will feature John Safran discussing his new book, in which he takes on big tobacco and vaping. John will also take questions about his book and past projects.

Hosted by Nick Wallis & EGA.

Registration for the Microdose Webcasts are free, but donations are encouraged to support EGA's important work (booking fees apply).

Episode Eight - Puff Piece - John Safran takes on Big Tobacco and Vaping


Puff Piece - John Safran takes on big tobacco and vaping

John Safran's new book, Puff Piece, is a hilarious but thought-provoking probe into big tobacco, their relationship with the vaping industry, and when words literally become a matter of life and death.

Tobacco giants Philip Morris are slowly dying as cigarettes lose favour with everyone from world governments and investors to, increasingly, smokers - so, what’s their plan? Philip Morris have announced they’ll shut down as a cigarette company and relaunch as a health enterprise, dedicated to convincing the one billion smokers of the world to quit. WHAT?!

In Puff Piece, the ever-curious John Safran attempts to get the real story out of Philip Morris. While digging, John discovers a company up to brand new shenanigans, wangling their way into unexpected places. They’re also upending language itself, changing the meaning of words. Will they slip past bans by convincing governments they don’t sell ‘cigarettes’ but rather ‘HeatSticks’, that don’t emit ‘smoke’ but ‘aerosol’?

Nick Wallis spoke to John in the research stages of Puff Piece while also hosting him on 3CR's Enpsychedelia. Nick previously worked on the adult industry's lobbying efforts for nicotine vaping devices and viewed the battle in a similar lens to other drug law reform and harm reduction initiatives. Puff Piece focuses on the murkiness of vape lobbying and the efforts of Big Tobacco's Philip Morris to push for a different kind of device, a 'heat not burn' leaf-tobacco device. There is a far more nuanced battle behind the vape clouds and smoke screens of modern tobacco regulation which we will blow away on this latest installation of EGA's Microdose webcast.

John will also take questions about his book and past entheogenic related projects such as John Safran VS GOD.

Subscribers will have the chance to win a copy of John's new book.


Bio - John Safran

John Safran is a writer and filmmaker who always gets in too deep for his own good. His debut book, Murder in Mississippi, won the Ned Kelly Award for best true crime. His follow up, Depends What You Mean by Extremist, found him lost among radicals and was shortlisted for the Australian Book Industry Awards. His wild and hilarious documentaries, such as ‘John Safran vs God’ and ‘Jedis & Juggalos’, play fire on the outer edges of religion and have received accolades from the Australian Film Institute and Rose d’Or Festival. Puff Piece: How Philip Morris set vaping alight (And burned down the English language) is his latest book.


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