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Mindhacks to Drink Less Alcohol 11 June 2018

Mindhacks to Drink Less Alcohol 

with Hypnotist Matt Hale 

  • Do you enjoy a drink, but currently feel you’re drinking too much? 

  • Would you like to control when and how much you drink, rather than drink controlling you? 

  • Would you like to drink for enjoyment and not for emotional reasons (ie drink to forget, stress, calm nerves etc) 

  • Would you like to improve your self esteem, health, happiness? 

You can do all this with the right techniques once you understand how your mind works and how it creates patterns that run automatically (whether good for you or not!).  

Matt will teach you some simple mindhacks that enable you to create a new healthier, happier pattern that puts you back in control on how much you drink, when, where and why. 

Please note: This session is not for alcoholics.   

Drinking alcohol needn’t be an ‘all or nothing’ scenario.   

The aim of this session is to reduce your alcohol intake to a more moderate and acceptable level. 

The Mindhacks to Drink Less Alcohol session is designed to:  

• Help you become very aware of the circumstances where you are drinking.  

• Help you become consciously aware of your drinking habits.

• Help you take responsibility for your drinking, and easily follow a plan for reduction.  


You will also leave with an audio program as part of the follow up materials. 

Date: Monday 11 June 2018
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: ECU Mount Lawley
CONTACT DETAILS: 1300 660490 /