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Oh My Goddess Day Retreat : New Year RISE & SHINE

Oh My Goddess Day Retreat: NEW YEAR RISE & SHINE


Take time to tend to your inner goddess.

Take seasonal refuge at my 'Oh My Goddess' Day Retreats as I share womb-heart wisdom and my oasis home with just 6 women in potent sacred circle.

Exploring ancient wisdom, you will be held in a nurturing space wherein powerful transformation can occur.

Awakening the creative and forgotten powers of the feminine you are able to dissolve old patterns and pain, renew energy and passion and re-connect to your highest self.

"When a woman takes time out to find her roots in her feminine and divine nature, she becomes fully self-contained, empowered and connected. She accesses a deeper strength, insight and intuition that has profound healing implications for herself and all those around her..." adapted from Padma Aon Praksasha


Harness your Power, Purpose and Peace

SUN JAN 13th


Are you tired of starting the year with good intentions and then falling back into the same old patterns?

Do you wish you had more sustained energy, clear focus and courage to move forward?

Then this is for you...

At this day retreat you will be supported through a physical, emotional and energetic New Year cleanse and renewal, dissolving old limiting patterns, discovering and working with your NO1 blindspot that is keeping you stuck.

Awakening the wisdom of womb you will learn how to ignite your purpose, creating new pathways to bring forth your desires in 2019.

Learn how to embrace your power and the solar energy of summer, without burning out.



Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation aligned to the feminine, the season and the moon cycle.

Ayurvedic Cleansing lunch and drink throughout day.

Womb heart wisdom practices and processes.

Magnesium pool (sauna weather dependant).

Mantra and sacred ritual.

Guided self enquiry.

ONLY $225 fully inc.

This is for women who are firmly established on a spiritual path and who want to live passionately on purpose, increasing their presence and impact as leaders, teachers, healers and carers without compromising their own well-being or dimming their light.

Blessings received from the last day retreat - "It’s really helped to shift and change some long term issues. I feel so much more at ease in closing some doors that have needed closing, where previously fear stopped me. I feel more excited for what the future holds and realise that holding on tightly to what wasn’t serving me was actually preventing me moving forward and growing into what I need now. Thankyou so much." Melinda P

Activating the power of the feminine creates the foundation upon which you may come to restore, take solace and guidance throughout your life.

I do so hope you feel the call to join me,



Beks Thompson is an inspirational speaker, physio, yoga and art of feminine presence teacher, singer and creator of BE A BEACON and SPHEMO-Kinetics. She is renowned for working in a unique and truly holistic way with conscious women who want to be healthy, happy and free to make a positive impact in the world, without the burnout!

SUN JAN 13th : 9am-5.30pm


6 Whitehaven Place, Banksia Beach, Bribie Island

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