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WA - Intermediate Working Dog Training School-16-18 Sep 2019

WA - Intermediate Working Dog Training School-16-18 Sep 2019


Intermediate Working Dog Training School

The Intermediate ® Working Dog Training School is an intensive module-based 3 day course with essential theory components and practical sessions.

The Intermediate ® is open to all students who have qualified by attending and passing the Fundamentals ® and have then completed their skills training.

Applicants should be aware that they need to ensure that their skills in the areas of:




are of a very high level.

Ben Page's Natural Method ™

The Intermediate ® continues Ben Page's Natural Method ™. A unique method that works with the dog’s natural instinct, using ‘dog language’. It involves no noise, silent commands and team work. Ben Page's Natural Method ™ does not use harsh discipline and is based on the natural instincts and movements of the dog.

Course Content

The Intermediate Working Dog Training School ® is designed to take students to the next level and give them the skills, knowledge (and a few tricks of the trade), to make stock handling and movement almost stress free. There is strong emphasis on Low Stress stock handling.

Curriculum Overview

The following topics are covered in the Intermediate Working Dog Training School ®.

  • Revision and testing of Fundamentals Theory

  • Revision and Testing of Fundamentals Practical

  • Pressure points on Stock

  • Advanced whistle tones

  • Teaching the “Wait” tone

  • Preparing a Casting Training aid

  • Teaching the Cast

  • Dirty ground

  • Using training Aids for distance

  • Teaching an arc

  • Introducing your dog to yard work

  • Using the “Wait” tone with stock

  • Gate walking

  • Drafting

  • Teaching the “Reverse”

  • Discussion and Introduction to Trialing

  • Completing a Mini Course

  • Wind up and Presentation of Certificates

The Course comes with a complete set of Student notes and all students leave The Intermediate ® with their own set of course notes and a detailed and comprehensive system of step-by-step training stages to enable them to continue at home.

Evening Module

On the second night of the course, the students participate in an informal Students Dinner where they can seek advice with Ben Page on an individual basis. Having been exposed to this evening module in the past - students realize the huge benefits they gain from the evening session.


The Intermediate ® Working Dog Training School is the second in a progression of Courses that lead to the Advanced ® level.

The Intermediate ® continues the high standard of the most comprehensive and professional Working Dog Training School in Australia, and the only Australian wide accrediated Course.

This course also counts towards formal qualifications in Agriculture meeting the standards for AHCLSK324A Care for and train working dogs in partnership with WA TAFE . It is the only Course in Australia that has been granted this qualification.

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