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Astral Travel - Level 1

Astral Travel - Level 1


Insight into the Astral Dimension

If you’ve ever wondered … whether it’s possible for your consciousness to exit the
physical body and travel to other dimensions of reality — and if you desire to experience this in a safe setting with trained experts — this is the course for you.

Discover the astral dimension as a plane of reality and meet the “inhabitants” of this plane. Begin to explore detachment with specialised techniques and safe ways to exercise and develop this ability.

As humans, we already experience this type of “projection” in our natural dream state, so we
inherently know how to do it. The point of accessing these other dimensions is deeper self-knowledge and the ability to control in a positive way how we access information from them for our highest good.

In this course, you will explore techniques to reawaken this hidden ability to travel to the “astral plane” (the realm experienced in dream state) while completely relaxed yet fully alert. The benefits for learning to stretch your understanding of other realms are many. It will expand your knowledge of reality itself, as well as your perceived personal boundaries.

Once liberated from your physical self, you can freely explore your consciousness (which
exists outside of the body) in unbounded space and higher dimensions.

With safe exercises, audio and toning accompaniment, and support from Selfic equipment, the
sensation deepens as you progress through further levels of this course (3 levels).
You will marvel at how natural it feels to experience the sublime sensation of your truest essence.

Vultura Pisello has been living in Damanhur for more than 22 years. From her initial interest in community life, interpersonal relationships and spiritual healing, she has since specialized in Past Life Research and Astral Travel. Vultura is an instructor for the Damanhur University and teaches both within Italy and abroad

Damanhur is an eco-spiritual community located in Northern Italy established 40 years ago. It is a community built with a vision to inspire people to build a better world. Through their own expansive scientific research they have developed a range of innovative healing modalities. Damanhur also houses one of the world’s most unique underground temples, The Temples of Humankind.

MORE ABOUT THE ASTRAL TRAVEL COURSE (by Crotola from Damanhur, one of the University instructors)


DATES FOR 2 DAY workshop

Weekend Course: Sat & Sun 19/20 Oct EAST FREMANTLE 
Midweek Course: Wed & Thurs 23/24 Oct SAWYERS VALLEY (near Mundaring)

** Note the workshop requires attendance for both days to complete the process


$300 per person - $100 to secure your place

Full details regarding final payment and course information are provided in the confirmation email.


Sat/Sun 19/20 October EAST FREMANTLE
Wed/Thurs 23/24 October SAWYERS VALLEY

Full Details provided on booking


For this course there are dietary requirements for the duration of the workshop to allow optimum results.

All information on food and what to bring is provided in the confirmation email provided on booking.

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