Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies Course (A.C.E) 2021

Acute Cardiovascular Emergencies Course (A.C.E)

ACE is a one-day simulation program designed for Registrars, HMO3's and above working in the Emergency Department.  The course aims to improve knowledge and skills in assessing and managing patients with acute cardiac conditions.

Program at a Glance

ACE utilises a blended learning approach to maximise the opportunity for hands-on practice of clinical skills and to explore clinical decision making in immersive simulation scenarios.
Topics included in the course are:

•    Vascular access and line insertion
•    CPR, defibrillation and advanced cardiac life support
•    External pacing

As well as the technical knowledge and skills required to manage complex cardiac events, ACE emphasises the importance of teamwork skills, such as leadership and effective communication, which are known to contribute to improved patient safety.

Who can attend?

ACE is an interprofessional course, developed for:

  • Medical staff during ED/ICU/anaesthetic rotations
  • Medical registrars attending MET calls
  • Registered nurses working in ED/ICU/anaesthetic areas
  • Registered nurses working in cardiology

Course Information

ACE commences at 8.00am sharp and concludes at 4.30pm. To allow the course to run to time, registrants are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the course start time.


Monash Simulation
Moorabbin Hospital
823-865 Centre Road,
Bentleigh East  VIC 3165

Phone: 03 9928 8314