Teaching Philosophy with Games

Teaching Philosophy with Games


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Haddon Finucane-Gelai & Ben Reeves

Tuesday 10 August 2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC+10:30)
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Games are fun! And playing games in class can make philosophy fun too. But it’s not only about the buzz - as teaching tools, games are ‘serious’ because they can help us to engage students as active learners in processes carefully designed to spark emotions and curiosity, target specific thinking skills, and encourage personal reflections on real experiences that enable deeper connections with philosophical concepts or theories. In this webinar, we will present examples of games as learning tools in the philosophy classroom, demonstrating how formal content in philosophy courses can be brought to life in ‘serious fun’!



Ben Reeves is a teacher of philosophy, educational researcher at the MGSE Assessment Research Centre, Associate Director of Learning at Wesley College, and PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. He is currently developing an assessment framework to support the teaching of ethical decision-making and inquiry.

Haddon Finucane-Gelai is a teacher of Philosophy and English at Lara Secondary College in Victoria, Australia. He is currently developing curriculum for Philosophy from Years 10-12 at Lara and is interested in further developing his understanding of Community of Inquiry methods in the classroom.

All Atttendees recieve a certificate showing hours of professional learning
as well as the AITSL Standards met by the session.
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