Exam Preparation with Jenny Gillan

Exam Preparation with Jenny Gillan

For students and teachers of VCE Music Performance.
This Exam Preparation afternoon will focus on the Analysis skills required for Section A of the written exam.

It will cover:
* Required vocabulary for the analysis of the elements of music;
* Linking the elements of music to the creation of musical character;
* Comparison of interpretation questions;
* Exam techniques and strategies.
Sunday 17 October 2021 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC+10): Remember to logon early to ensure all systems are working
12.45 Logon and test your sound
1 - 1.40 then 10 min break
1.50 - 2.30 then 10 min break
2.40 - 3.20 then break and Q and A


Please note that due to COVID 19, this session will be online via Google Meet. By Friday lunchtime the day before participants will be sent a Google Meet link as well as a PDF of notes. Ticket prices have been discounted and are now $75 standard and $55 Early bird (by 11 October)

Bookings will close at a 10am on Thursday 15 October to allow time for all registered to receive links and notes prior to the workshop. Remember to check the links and login early so that you don't miss any of the workshop. If it is after this time please contact us by phone on 0405 771 377 and we will try to get you in.

About the Presenter:

Jenny Gillan has taught Music at all levels; from early childhood to primary, secondary, tertiary and teacher training. She is a passionate advocate of music literacy. She currently teaches at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School where she oversees the aural program and teaches listening analysis and Musicianship at the Junior level up to VCE. She conducts two choirs at St Michaels Grammar School and has presented at many conferences across Australia and internationally. Jenny studied at the Kodaly Institute in Hungary, obtained her Masters of Music Studies in Queensland and taught in the UK. 

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