Workshop: Person-centred Moving & Handling Equip - 21 Oct 21

Unicare Health

Unicare Health Workshop : Person-Centred Moving and Handling Equipment

Equipment designed for moving and handling people has become an integral component of manual handling programmes.

Having fit for purpose equipment is one of the most important aspects to ensure positive client and carer outcomes. Appropriate equipment selection and knowledge of use remains critical in ensuring consumer and carer, safety, confidence and comfort.

Innovations in moving and handling equipment technology and functionality are constantly evolving. This creates a need to remain up to date with products, functions and features in an effort to provide the optimal equipment solution for each individual user, environment and circumstances.

This workshop will examine moving and handling equipment, using products supplied by Unicare Health.

This workshop is equipment focussed and does not constitute Manual Handling Training. The aim is to provide information, tips and techniques which may be incorporated into equipment selection processes and manual handling training particular to individual consumers, facilities and organisations.

This workshop will focus on features and benefits and clinical applications of moving and handling equipment using:

  • Allegro Hoists and Slings
  • Oxford Standing and Lifting Hoists
  • Orbit Ceiling Hoists
  • Mangar Camel and Elk

In addition it will examine some common moving and handling techniques related to bed mobility and Regency chairs.


Therapist Goals:

  • Understand the fundamental features and benefits of Moving and Handling Equipment.
  • Gain information on  Australian Standards related to Lifting Slings.
  • Develop confidence in prescribing fit for purpose moving and handling equipment.
  • Learn through discussion, problem solving strategies related to Person-centred Moving and Handling situations.

Consumer/Client Goals:

  • Functional independence in all moving and handling situations involving equipment.
  • Empowered understanding of equipment used.
  • Safe, comfortable moving and handling procedures when assistive equipment is used.
  • Equipment prescription aligned to individual skills, environment and budget .

Organisational Goals:

  • Efficient fund expenditure related to Fit for Purpose Moving and Handling equipment.
  • Effective Use of Moving and Handling Equipment
  • Information to be incorporated into effective Manual Handling training programmes for carers and consumers.



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This workshop is appropriate for clinicians involved in the prescription of Mobile and Fixed Person lifters, Standing and Transfer Aids for Home and Facility use.

Care coordinators and Funding Approval Assessors.



Annette Terranova, Clinical Educator and Trainer - Unicare Health

Annette Terranova is an occupational therapist and trainer with over 30 years experience working in healthcare. Annette has worked extensively as a clinician and consultant within the aged care sector and more recently as Clinical Educator and Trainer for Unicare Health . Her passion surrounds pressure management, manual handling and seating, leading to her participation in National and International Conferences and Events to keep abreast of the latest developments in these areas.

Annette has significant experience in prescribing products to facilitate safe and effective manual handling, seating and positioning, falls prevention, dementia care, mobility and pressure injury prevention, and has assisted hundreds of other therapists with education in these areas and prescribing the optimal equipment solution for specific needs.


Date : Thursday, 21 October 2021

Time : 9am to 1pm

Venue : Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley (map)


You may claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours from attending this seminar. 


Enquiries to:

Pearl 1800 656 654

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