Parent Night: Graham Hyman's Youth Seminar


Parent Night: Graham Hyman's Youth Seminar

Event: Parent Seminar - Understanding Your Teenager

Date: To Be Confirmed

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Venue: Emmaus Christian School, Primary Building Foyer 

Cost: FREE to attend (This is an adults only event)

Teenagers are difficult, but not impossible!

What is it with these kids? Why do they seem like they’re from another planet? Why do all those other teens get involved in such dangerous behaviour, and how can I make sure my kid will be safe?

The Understanding Your Teenager Seminar by Graham Hyman will answer all these questions and more.

Judging by the reputation Graham has for his work with students, staff and parents in schools nationally we know the seminar will give you:

INFORMATION that will be enormously helpful.

IDEAS that really work.

ENLIGHTENTMENT about what makes teens tick and what to expect in the future.

AFFIRMATION of all the things you are doing right.

ENTERTAINMENT – as you pull in all the great information you’ll have one of the funniest, most entertaining evenings of the year!

Graham Hyman's insightful, practical and hilarious seminars have been hosted by schools and community groups across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa since 1993. In that time over 200,000 parents have benefited from the wisdom, received hope and encouragement and been surprised by the two hours of entertainment they have enjoyed.

His seminars encourage parents and help them empathise with the enormous pressures which are on young people today. They point ways to simple, and yet profound, procedures that can make life happier and the chances of success in parenting a teenager more real. They are not formal parent training but are rather ‘Family Aid’ packages wrapped in affirmation and encouragement and filled with practical ideas that work.

Parents will leave the seminars with sore stomachs from laughing, damp eyes from crying, warm hearts from reassurance and heads buzzing with new ideas.

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Emmaus Christian School
73 Davenport Street, Dickson Australian Capital Territory 2602

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