Holding The Light

Sunday 28 November 2021 - 2.30pm
An Ecumenical Service remembering Victims and Survivors of Family
Domestic Violence.
Now in its sixth year, the service is invitational and held in a spirit of welcome. While it is held within the Christian tradition, it is open to anyone who might wish to join together and take part in a ritual and is a time for anyone to engage in a period of quiet, lament, and prayer/reflection on the tragic results of violence and in hope for a better future for our communities.

We remember:
  • Those killed as a result of domestic violence by naming those who are victims in the service, and by ringing a gong for each of them
  • Stand in solidarity with victim/survivors by recognizing their pain, and listening to their voices
  • Take time to reflect and commit ourselves to addressing the drivers of violence in our own attitudes, communities and contexts
  • Take hope in the Christian message that all may be healed and redeemed, while acknowledging the ongoing trauma, suffering and danger experienced by so many in our communities due to the ongoing use of violence and abuse.

We hope that in-person attendance will be possible for this service. However, we realise that due to the pandemic it is likely there will be restricted/unpredictable numbers allowed. The service will be live streamed for all who cannot attend in person for whatever reason.  Notifications and links will be sent to you closer to the date. All Welcome.

Venue:    St Peter's Eastern Hill (depending on Covid restrictions). Live streamed.
Address: 15 Gisborne Street, Melbourne
Enquiries: Lucia Brick
RSVP:      25 November 2021