2021 Meet the Author with Meg McKinlay


2021 Meet the Author with Meg McKinlay

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Meet the Author with Meg McKinlay.

Do you love night time voyages on the ocean, unexpected but perfect presents and your family? So do Bella and her restless house. Come along with your grandparent to meet author Meg McKinlay as she talks with Luke Kerridge about her new book Bella and the Voyaging House. Followed by an exclusive guided session where you can create your own travelling house adventure.


AGES: 7+

SHOW DATES & TIMES: Tuesday 28 September 2021 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (UTC+08)

VENUE: CUBS Cubby AKA Discovery Zone, State Library Western Australia, 25 Francis street Perth WA 6000

ARTIST: Meg McKinlay and Luke Kerridge

TICKETS:    $12.00 

Free Entry for Grandparents 


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