Bookings for this event are currently closed. Please contact the organiser directly with any queries.

DVCS Home Scavenger Hunt






Scavenger Hunt

Please ensure you read the instructions carefully....

  1. Register and pay by clicking on the button above (after reading the information below).

  2. Start hunting around your home (or on a walk during your allocated exercise time) for all the items.

  3. When you find an item take a photo, trying to group as many items into one photo as possible. You have a limit of 5 photos.

  4. If you don't have an item, telephone a friend or family member and ask them if they do. If they do, ask them to take a photo of the item and send you a copy.

  5. Once you have found your items, please submit no more than 5 photos to

Feel free to join the Facebook Group "DVCS Scavenger Hunt Group" to share your photos too!