Seminar: Pressure Injury Prevention & Management - 18 Nov 21

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Seminar: Pressure Injury Prevention and Management

Our most popular seminar of the year is back!

Learn something new to prevent the risk and effects of pressure injuries by joining us at this seminar on Worldwide STOP Pressure Injury Day.

Innovations in technology and functionality of pressure care equipment are constantly evolving following major breakthroughs in research and studies. Are you up to date with with products, functions and features in an effort to provide the optimal equipment solution for each individual user, environment and circumstances?

Learn about new research and clinical results. Examine how innovative features evident in new generation pressure care cushions & mattress systems provide effective pressure injury management.

Forget traditional methods that are no longer best practice. Learn how innovations eliminates complex caregiver setup, reduces manual handling tasks & user error and understand the implications of technological efficiencies and effectiveness in the delivery of pressure care.
This seminar will be presented by Unicare Health's clinical educator and trainer, Annette Terranova, and will be jam packed with relevant information for all clinicians involved in Pressure Injury Prevention and Management.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Pressure Care Causes and Current Classifications - are you up to date?
  • Impact of pressure injuries on patients, carers, organization and society - what's the cost?
  • Innovative approaches in Prevention and Management of Pressure Injuries - what don't you know?
  • Preventative Seating and Positioning Strategies - what's best practice?
  • Support Surface Selection - Why, What, When, Where and How?
  • Technologies in Pressure Management Equipment - what's new with
    • Cushions - Material Selection, Properties 
    • Mattresses - Foam, Air, Hybrid 
    • and more!

Seminar: Together we can STOP Pressure Injuries


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This seminar is suited for all healthcare professionals with a genuine interest in Pressure Injury Prevention and a need to develop an understanding of the Development, Prevention and Treatment process using support surfaces. This seminar is free of charge and we encourage all therapists and clinicians involved in pressure injury prevention and management to attend. 

Annette Terranova, Clinical Educator and Trainer - Unicare Health

Annette Terranova is an occupational therapist and trainer with over 30 years experience working in healthcare. Annette has worked extensively as a clinician and consultant within the aged care sector and more recently as Clinical Educator and Trainer for Unicare Health . Her passion surrounds pressure management, manual handling and seating, leading to her participation in National and International Conferences and Events to keep abreast of the latest developments in these areas.

Annette has significant experience in prescribing products to facilitate safe and effective manual handling, seating and positioning, falls prevention, dementia care, mobility and pressure injury prevention, and has assisted hundreds of other therapists with education in these areas and prescribing the optimal equipment solution for specific needs.


Date : Thursday, 18 November 2021

Time : 9.00am to 4.00pm

Venue : Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley (map)

You may claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours from attending this seminar. 

Event enquiries to:

Pearl 1800 656 654

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