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School Holiday Activities - Young Doctors - Mon 4th Oct 2021 (SOLD OUT)

Additional workshop created due to our sell out first session. Note this is for Monday 4th October!


School Holiday Activities - Young Doctors - Mon 4th Oct 2021 (SOLD OUT)

Perth College

Thinkways is hosting exciting, challenging and hands-on half day workshops in the field of human anatomy for inquisitive children aged 8 to 14. Students with aspirations to the medical fields will find these invaluable experiences and others will simply enjoy exploring a subject that interests them with like-minded peers. Guided by a qualified teacher specialising in the sciences and a registered emergency nurse, students will explore the human body like never before which will develop anatomical knowledge and foster critical and creative thinking. Maximum fun and exploration but not for the fainthearted!

It is important to note that these workshops are a fun yet challenging learning experience. All participants need to be willing and able to work positively and responsibly in group-based activities.

Note: If booking more than one child, each child will need to be booked separately.

Young Doctors

Ages 8 to 14
Monday, 4 Oct 2021
9:30 AM - 3 PM

Lung & Brain - Human Anatomy Workshop

Details: Have you ever wondered, how do we breathe? It is something we do thousands of times a day. But, how does the air get in there? We delve into the spongey organ where students get the chance to investigate the structures of the respiratory system. Be amazed as you watch Mr Slater inflate a lung to gain a deeper understanding of how it functions within our bodies. We then move onto the brain, which is sure to excite the aspiring neurosurgeons out there. This organ is one of the largest and most complex in the human body. It is the seat of intelligence and interpreter of the senses. What would it feel like if you held one in your hand? Explore these two amazing body organs and more in this unique, challenging and hands-on workshop in the field of human anatomy for inquisitive children. 

Guided by Mr Alan Slater, a qualified gifted and talented teacher (with over 10 years experience in delivering human anatomy workshops) and accompanied by our wonderful Emergency Nurse, Yuliya, students will explore the human body like never before to develop anatomical knowledge and foster critical and creative thinking. 

Cost: $120 



  • A4 folder (to store handouts), recess and lunch (nut free please), water bottle.
  • A zest for problem solving and a thirst for a challenge!


  • Children will need to be signed in and out of the workshop. Your child can be dropped off at 9:30 AM and be collected at 3 PM.  



Perth College
31 Lawley Crescent, Jean Rogerson Science Centre - Lab 1, Mt Lawley WA 6050


  • Doors open 10 minutes prior to the workshop start time. Once signed in, parents are free to leave (but welcome to stay up to the start time).



Thinkways is a government recognised, independent educational organisation providing unique workshops which cater for inquisitive children. The program allows children to collaborate and work together with like-minded peers in an enriching, challenging and engaging environment.

The program aims to:

  • Nurture children’s unique interests and abilities by providing stimulating programs that open them up to new ideas and experiences.
  • Support children to develop a growth mindset by praising the process, practice and hard work that allows achievement of true potential.
  • Encourage intellectual risk taking and embrace failures as a part of the learning process.

The workshops are run by fully qualified, registered teachers with over 10 years experience in delivering specialised educational programs for gifted and talented children and assisted by experts in their field.

Workshops are limited to a maximum size of 16 with a facilitator/participant ratio of 1:8 in all workshops.