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6 Weekly recordings of "General Feldenkrais" classes

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6 weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM)® classes 

Each week a new idea or movement will be explored allowing you to expand and enhance your self awareness, improving your image and idea of yourself.  Classes are suitable for most people, even those who have never done Feldenkrais classes.  Providing you do not have severe physical impairments you will be fine.  Feel free to call me first if you are unsure.  Some people with severe problems or challenges might be better off having individual consultations first or instead.

If you missed the start contact Vanessa (0416 101 854 & to obtain a discount code to use when booking so you wont have to pay the full amount.

Why include Feldenkrais as a regular activity?

Feldenkrais classes are unlike anything else out there.  I believe they are the best way to become better acquainted with the body and mind you inhabit to maximise your potential.  Life with less pain, easier movement, more calmness, and more zest for life.  Practicing Feldenkrais “mindful movement lessons” can stem the tide of reduced function that is considered a normal process of aging. 

Movement lessons offer you the opportunity to change and improve your movement repertoire which you can then take into your activity of choice.  It is an accessory to, not a replacement for, physical activity. Feldenkrais tunes the breath, body and mind to allow you to function more efficiently.

These classes involve a range of movements where the attention is on the “how” of the movement.  How do you make it harder than it need be, how could you make it easier?  What is your intention with the movement?  How does the intention affect your breath?  Can you be more interested in the process rather than the outcome?  Are you so focused on the outcome you miss the process?  Do you hold your breath to move?  Does holding your breath make it easier or is holding your breath an habituated response to expecting something to be difficult?   

These movement classes raises body awareness by mapping the many parts of ourselves in action  in our brain.  We learn to know better where are bodies are in space and what we do, not just in the Feldenkrais class, but in all life situations.  If we don’t actually know what we do how can we change to improve?  Body mapping through slow and attentive movements is an ongoing exploration.  Come and join me on a journey of self discovery and self improvement.

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After completing your payment you will recieve an email with links to the recordings of the "live" classes which will remain available to access for 3 months.  This gives you the motivation to find an hour a week to experience the lessons and then have time to go through them a second time.  Many people find it interesting to re-visit the same lesson later to discover things can feel quite different the 2nd or 3rd time around.  This is the path to richer learning.  To learn something new and never revisit it you couldnt expect to retain the learning.  Not in any sphere of learning and not in body learning either.


If you do not receive the email with the links check your "spam" folder or you may have entered your email address incorrectly, in which case please contact Vanessa asap.

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