Terms and Conditions  −  2016 Season 1

For information about this event, please contact the "Event Organiser".

1. This agreement is made between you and the Gold Coast Over 35 Soccer Association Incorporated (“GCSA”).
2. You accept and agree to the playing rules of the competition as published by GCSA and amended from time to time.
3. You must be a member of GCSA to participate in the competition.
4. You agree and understand that the organisers and officials of GCSA and hosting Clubs are relieved of any responsibility whatsoever should you be injured, unable to work or incapacitated in any shape or form.
5. You acknowledge that point 4 herein is a condition of participation in the competition which was fully explained to you by GCSA.
6. You agree to participate in the competition at your own risk should you be injured, unable to work or incapacitated in any shape or form.
7. If you complete a booking for a person other than yourself, you are responsible for ensuring that the person for whom the booking is made agrees to these terms and conditions in writing prior to participating in the competition.
8. If you fail to obtain the written agreement referred to in point 7 herein, you indemnify GCSA against all claims that may be made against GCSA by any person for whom you made a booking.

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