Terms and Conditions  −  5Zero 2019


I hereby acknowledge and agree that in consideration of being permitted to
participate in 5Zero Bright (herein called the "Cycling Event") operated by Bright
Brewery Pty Ltd:

1. I hereby release, waive and discharge
(e) I understand that none of the Releasees assumes any responsibility
whatsoever for my safety during the course of my preparation for or
participation in the Cycling Event;
(f) l have carefully read this RELEASE, WAIVER, AND ASSUMPTION OF
RISK AGREEMENT, I fully understand same, and I am freely and voluntarily
either executing the same or accepting the terms hereof by choosing to
register for and participate in the Cycling Event;
(g) should I opt to hand over any property to any of the Releasees that I will
not hold any of the Releasees responsible for any loss or damage to that
(h) to allow Mabel the use of my image or likeness during participation in the
Cycling Event for the purpose of promotion;
(i) I understand clearly that by agreeing to this release I will be forever
prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against any of the Releasees for
any loss or damage connected with any property loss or personal injury that I
may sustain while participating in or preparing for any of the above mentioned
cycling event, whether or not such loss or injury is caused solely or partly by
the negligence of any of the Releasees;
(j) I have been given the opportunity and have been encouraged to seek
independent legal advice prior to signing this agreement; and
(k) I understand clearly that Mabel would not permit me to participate in the
Cycling Event unless I accepted the terms of this RELEASE, WAIVER, AND
ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT applies to the Cycling Event whether
occurring in the near or distant future, and that the terms of this Agreement
need not be brought to my attention each time I participate in the Cycling
Event to be effective.
AGREEMENT is binding on myself, my heirs, my executors, administrators,
personal representatives and assigns.
(m) I understand that the terms herein are contractual and not a mere recital. I
am of lawful age (18) and legally competent to sign this Agreement.
(n) I recognize that this release may be in addition to any other release I might
sign as a condition of participation and that I am bound by the terms and
conditions of both documents.
(o) To the best of my knowledge, I am physically capable of participating in
the Cycling Event, and that I have no pre-existing conditions that would hinder
my ability to safely participate in the Cycling Event.
(p) I have read and agree to abide by the rules of the Cycling Event attached
to this document as Schedule A.

Dated _____________, 2019

Name of Participant if over 18 yrs of age

__________________________ _____________________________
Signature of Participant Witness


This section only applies to participants who are 17 years or younger.
For and in consideration of the participation of my minor charge in the Cycling Event,
I do hereby agree to all provisions contained in the above RELEASE, WAIVER AND
ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT in respect to my minor charge and also waive all rights
and claims that might accrue through relationship to the above participant and do
adopt same as if repeated herein.

Name of Minor

Name of Parent / Guardian

__________________________ _____________________________
Signature of Parent / Guardian Witness

Schedule A
5Zero Bright Rules and Regulations:

1. This is not a race.
2. Helmets are mandatory. Cyclists must wear an AS/NZS approved cycling helmet.
Chin straps must be buckled at all times when on the course.
3. Acceptable bicycles. Two-wheeled bicycles only. Child carriers, trailers, incumbent
bikes or motorized vehicles (e-bikes accepted) of any kind are prohibited for safety
reasons. Tandem bikes may be allowed only after discussion with and at the discretion
of the event director, and provided they are equipped with disk brakes for safety
reasons. Please contact the event manager regarding tandem bikes.
4. Carry I.D. It is recommended that all participants carry personal ID and health card in
case of emergency.
5. Obey all traffic laws. All cyclists are personally responsible for obeying all traffic
laws; this includes traffic lights and stop signs. Violators may be ticketed and/or
disqualified and removed from the event. Event volunteers will be on the course to assist
with traffic safety and to monitor compliance with applicable road laws.
6. Ride safely. Unless passing another rider, please ride on the left side of the solid
white line as far as possible when on sealed roads, or stay left when on dirt roads.
Before passing another rider, announce yourself with the words
“passing on the right” and ensure there is no vehicular traffic approaching from either
direction. Ride in single file where suitable. Please be aware there may be obstacles on
the course. Ride defensively. You are responsible for your own safety.
7. Personal support vehicles will not be allowed on the course. If you are found to
have a personal support vehicle you will be asked to leave the event.
8. No unregistered individuals. Unregistered riders will be excluded from all event
activities and facilities provided for registered riders.
9. iPods and other headphones are not allowed while on the bike course.
10. Event Cancellation. The event manager and local law enforcement have the
authority to modify or cancel the event in the event of unsafe conditions. The event
manager reserves the right to modify, postpone, shorten or re-route the event at any
time either on their own judgment or if instructed by local law enforcement personnel.
Entry fees are not refundable if cancellation of the event is required.
11. Rain or Shine. This event will proceed in the event of rain so please come prepared.
12. Early return. If you decide you do not want to complete the distance you signed up
for, we would suggest that you turn back early (before Porepunkah) and advise us of this
decision immediately upon your return to the start finish area.
13. Event Cut-off time. Any participant on the course after 4:30 pm will not be
supported. The event is finished at 4:30 pm. A sweep rider will advise you of this if you
are still on course.
14. Under 18 Riders: All riders under the age of 18 must have a wavier signed by a
parent/guardian and submitted at the time of registration pick-up (waiver will be available
at package pick-up and can also be printed from website). No signed waiver, no
15. No littering: If you are caught littering while participating in the event, you will be
subject to removal from the event and/or fined. Keep the course clean please.
16. Traffic Management Personnel, volunteers and course marshals. If it is
observed that a participant ignores or disobeys the instructions from traffic personnel
they may be removed from the event.

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