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BUMP IN: 2 hours prior to start time unless advised otherwise
BUMP OUT: on conclusion of Event / Market

AMA Markets

Stallholder Agreement / Terms and Conditions Rules & Regulations
The Market Managing body of AMA Markets listed under ABN 72 950 170 794 has set out in this document its essential Terms & Conditions for operation, which are agreed to upon purchase of a stall space at any market organised by this business. This applies to stallholders, traders, contractors and entertainers.
Upon purchasing a space at any AMA run market, the vendor agrees to comply with these conditions (which may be amended and updated periodically).

1. Information provided on the booking form for a space at an AMA Market must be accurate and contain relevant and up to date information. Any false information supplied resulting in inability to contact said vendor, or vendor turning up to a market with goods not stipulated on the booking form will be refused acceptance.

2. Unless advised or contacted by an AMA team member, this booking form and ticket are your guaranteed space at the AMA Market to which you have applied. AMA will contact vendors if there is an accidental doubling up of vendor types, an incorrect or incomplete booking has occurred, or if there are to be changes made to your original booking. AMA Markets can be contacted at any time on 1300949253 or

Stall Fees:

3. Stalls fees for each market vary based on size, location and expected attendance rate of any market. These are stipulated clearly through the booking portal.
4. Fees are based on a standard 3x3m space. Space upgrades, Power and Public Liability insurance are optional extras that if required, must be purchased at the same time as booking this standard space. Vendors must book into the category that best suits their major offering. If the desired category is sold out, booking into a miscellaneous category will result in a booking cancellation if there is something in your offering that requires a specific category (i.e. Candles & Melts will not be permitted to be sold outside of this category).
Membership bookings:
5. Bookings made using an AMA Markets membership will be charged via invoice at the beginning of the month of the market with payment due to be made prior to the date of the market. If payments are not made by this time, your unpaid booking will be cancelled and your space will be given to the next vendor in line in your category. Failure to make payment, show up to a market or cancellation after 14 days prior to the market without just reason will result in termination of membership privileges.
6. The location of stalls is at the absolute discretion of AMA Markets. Courtesy and consideration will be given to vendors requiring access to shade, facilities and special services. Please mention any special requirements in your booking form.
7. Vendors are to provide everything required for their own set up. Gazebos are not compulsory but are recommended to protect your stall space from any elements. All gazebos must be weighted down no matter the conditions. NO PEGS are allowed to be used. Stallholder will sometimes have the option to hire tables depending on the venue, but where this is not possible, tables must be supplied by the vendor. Floor length table coverings are required to hide any boxes or equipment being stored underneath the tables. Presentation of stalls must be at the highest of standards.

Bump in times and Set ups:

8. Bump in times for stallholders will generally be 2 hours prior to the start time of any market. This may change for larger events or markets where venues require a more drawn out bump in process. All Bump in details are included in the confirmation email of your purchased ticket space.
9. Once bumped in, vendors are not permitted to pack down or leave until the close of the market. Any issues with this can be discussed with the Market Manager on the day.
10. Vehicle access to a stall space is limited to bump in times and bump out times unless your vehicle is required for the operation of your stall (i.e. food truck/vendor).
11. Set up will be assisted by an AMA Markets representative wearing a high vis vest and they will direct you to your allocated space. Please approach this person if you need assistance.
12. Vehicles driving on site must stick to a 5km/ph speed and use hazard lights.


13. Access to electricity is provided to vendors who purchased that as an extra at the time of booking. The amount of $50 is per outlet only. No power boards are permitted. All vendors requiring power are asked to bring with them a 25m cable to connect. This cable must be tagged and tested for safety. Any generators being used must be also tagged and tested for safety.

Rubbish Removal:

14. Vendor are responsible for the removal of their own rubbish. DUMPING IS NOT PERMITTED – fines apply.

Public Liability Insurance:

15. All vendors must have Public Liability Insurance, minimum $10 million. A copy can be sent though to the admin team to keep on file. Please send to Alternatively, please have this certificate ready for inspection at the market. If you do not have your own Public Liability you can piggy back of AMA Markets Public Liability as an option extra when booking. This will cost $10.
Workplace Health and Safety:
16. All vendors are required to adhere to safe work practices and consider Workplace Health and Safety so far as it relates to the running, setting up and packing down your stall space. If you are unable to set up or pack down your stall space safely please reach out to the Market team to assist you or bring someone with you who can help.
Workplace Health and Safety also pertains to the use of electricity, lighting and equipment used to run your stall. If you are unsure of these standards, please visit Safe Work Australia for more details.

Not Permitted:

17. Stallholders are not permitted to have the following at their stall:
- Counterfeit products of any kind
- More than 1L of approved flammable liquid
- More than one cylinder of 25L of LP gas in use with one spare.
- No animals are permitted at the market without permission of AMA Markets
- Products not listed at the time of booking
- Alcohol
- Loud music
- Illegal or illegally trademarked goods

18. Access to any AMA Market can be refused (or a vendor can be asked to leave a market) by the Market Manager or assistants at any time when they owe money, are in breach of these Terms and Conditions, are displaying harmful or aggressive behaviours towards others and if there us just cause. AMA Markets reserves the right to terminate a vendor’s participations at any time, before, after or during a market.

Food Stalls:

19. Vendors selling anything edible must comply with the NSW Food Authority guidelines, the National Code for Food Vending Vehicles and Temporary Food Premises and the requirements of the 2003 Food Act, Food Registration 2001, and will meet the requirements of the City of Sydney Health and Building Department. All food stalls must meet the food regulations 2004 and Food Standards Code and any local Council Codes.
20. Local council food forms are provided in the booking confirmation. It is the food vendors responsibility to fill this form out and apply with the local council to be a temporary food stall. AMA Markets will submit a list of food vendors prior to the market and council will follow up on any stalls that have not submitted a request. If you have not received council permission to operate at the market then you will not be permitted to set up on the day. Local councils will send a representative to inspect food premises at any time. Please be prepared for this. AMA Markets takes no responsibility for a food vendor who does not pass an inspection and you will be asked to cease trade immediately if an inspection is failed.
21. Food stalls must have adequate signage about products and potential allergens within their products. All staff must be properly attired with food safety gear (i.e. gloves, hats or hair nets, aprons etc). Hand hygiene must be practiced to the highest standard especially if dealing with cash.


22. All AMA Events and Markets have a Marketing strategy. Strategies will vary from event to event. To ensure a successful event for all parties involved, Stallholders must take some responsibility in Marketing their attendance with AMA through your social networks. Marketing material can be found on our Facebook events.

Weather Policy:

23. If it is decided to cancel a market due to weather, vendors will be advised by text message and by post on our Facebook group pages. Fees will be moved to another suitable date. It is at the discretion of the AMA Markets team as to the severity of the weather. Light intermittent rain will most likely not change the market, however torrential rain or severe weather conditions will be decided on the day of the market. Inclement weather is NO excuse for nonattendance. Stalls fees will not be credited or refunded if a market goes ahead but a vendor chooses not to attend.
24. All vendors must be adequately prepared for all weather conditions. Gazebos must be weighted at all times, non-food vendors are permitted to attach sides to gazebo coverings if needed, and personal protective equipment for your own person is recommended (i.e. sunscreen, wet weather jacket, enclosed shoes etc).


25. Any cancellation for any reason within 30 days of bump in time will incur a 100% cancellation fee. Fees may be credited to another event if applicable.
26. If a market is cancelled for any reason, vendors bookings will be moved to the next available date or the option of a credit will be given to use within 12 months on a stall space at another market or event.
Issues can be directed towards the market team at


27. AMA Markets are not liable or responsible for any of the following circumstances:
- For any lost, stolen or damages goods before, during or after an AMA Market.
- For any accidents or injuries to any vendors or customers or products incurred from borrowing AMA Markets equipment.
- For any accidents or injuries to any vendors or customers or products incurred by third party contractors.
- For any accidents or injuries to any vendors or customers from products they buy, touch, trial or interact with whilst at an AMA Market.
- Individual 3rd Part liability insurance.
- Operating your business and adhering to NSW Laws, including, Trade Licenses, Insurances and Permits.
- Offending any visitor at one of our markets due to inappropriate behaviour.
- For any vendor or employees, or third party consultants representing vendor companies.
- For the actions of any food vendor of any type that may cause sickness or injuries as a result of food vendors actions, errors or omissions.
- Should a vendor or customer bring legal action for situations happening that are covered under this disclaimer, the vendor will pay for all legal fees and costs, including those of the events organiser.
- AMA Markets reserves the right to not refund any fees paid by Vendors for future bookings.
- AMA Markets is not responsible for sales, or lack of sales by the vendor.

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