Terms and Conditions  −  GWSC No Boat Membership Application

GWSC-1-R-05 Document Owner: Geelong Water-Ski Club Document Controller: Geelong Water-Ski Committee Revision Status R00 Effective Date 1 May, 2017

1. Members must conduct themselves in a manner not detrimental to the reputation of the club.
2. The committee, its servants and agents shall be under no liability for any loss or damage to any vehicle, boat or trailer or
anything in or attached to the above while on club property.
3. The use of firearms is forbidden at all times.
4. It is the responsibility of all club members to keep the clubhouse and grounds litter free.
5. It is the responsibility of all club members to report any breach of club rules.
6. Launching areas must be kept clear and trailers must be parked in the trailer park.
7. On the introduction of a member, a visitor may be admitted as such as many as 5 times in any one year, then he or she must apply for membership.
8. A member is limited to 5 skiing visitors at any one time.
9. A person may be made a temporary member for up to week with the approval of the committee. A fee may be charged. 10. Temporary members have the same use of facilities as full time members.
11. It is the responsibility of the club member who is the last to leave the club to ensure that: a. The clubhouse, storage shed and the gate is locked. b. All windows are closed.
12. No one may alter or remove any part of the clubhouse or club property without approval of committee.
13. No open fires in clubhouse.
14. The clubhouse and its grounds may be used for commercial advertising at the discretion of the committee.
15. The club grounds or clubhouse may be hired with the committee's approval.
16. No dogs are allowed on the club premises.
17. No mini bikes or trail bikes are allowed on the club properties.
18. Before a boat may be used the club: a. It must be owned by a boat owner member or limited boat use member; b. It must be registered and successfully scrutineered annually for that member; c. It must be re-scrutineered following any modification.
19. Any change of boat ownership by a member must be notified in writing to the committee within fourteen days.
20. Boat drivers must be financial members.
21. Boats towing skiers must have observers and skiers must wear approved buoyancy jackets in accordance with the Motor Boat Act of Victoria.
22. Boats must go in an anti-clockwise direction.
23. Ski ropes must be pulled in after a skier drops and before the boat returns to shore.
24. A skier using the slalom course or jump has right of way over others.
25. When many people wish to use the slalom course or jump, the blackboard MUST be used to establish a roster and the
number of passes must be limited to six for each skier.
26. People using the jump must wear suitable clothing e.g. Wet suit and/or jump pants and approved helmet to avoid
personal injury.
27. Boats must not be driven between right hand bank and jump, when traveling upstream from the clubhouse.
28. On any tournament day or special day working bee, no boat may be launched without the permission of the person in
charge of that function whilst the function is in progress. 29. No personal water craft are to be launched or used at
the club.
30. Any member of the GWSC that receives grants or subsidies from the GWSC must represent the GWSC when skiing at
the Geelong site in any tournament or event, even if they are members of any other club.
31. Due to increasing environmental pressures both locally, state wide and nationally, any future application for
membership made to the GWSC be judged by the committee on its merits with regard to that person seeking
membership with regard to that persons boat. Rear mount engine boats will no longer be accepted and boats
dedicated or designed for wake boarding will be scrutinised by the committee prior to acceptance.
32. The GWSC will have the right to refuse membership on the basis that the applicant has a rear mounted engine boat or a
boat defined as a “wake board boat”. 33. This will include the up grading of any boat by a current financial member to a
wake board boat.
34. Any club member found to be using devices which includes ballest tanks or mechanical wake enhancing devices will
have their club membership terminated.
35. 5 + 1 Rule : Maximum of 6 Occupants in all boats including the person/s being towed behind the boat at all times.
36. It is the responsibility of all members & visitors that appropriate safety gear is worn at all times.
37. No boats are allowed on the water prior to 7:30am without written concent from the commitee. This consent must be
held on-board any vessel operating outside standard hours.
38. No boat may enter the river without current scrutineering stickers displayed correctly and valid membership.
39. At all times the User / Club Member and or the visitor of the Club member agrees to follow the rules set our here with in and Further agrees to adhere to the rules set out on the Sign board(s) affixed to the club house and Boat Ramp Area.

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