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Disclaimer - I understand that the training I receive is provided for the purpose of exercise instruction and guidance. I further understand that SP Netball Coaches are not qualified to perform, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, or provide nutritional planning, and that nothing said in the course of the session(s) given should be considered as such. I should see a physician, chiropractor, registered dietician or other qualified medical specialist for any nutritional concerns, mental or physical ailment that I am aware of. I affirm that I have stated all my known medical conditions, and answered all questions honestly. I agree to keep the SP Netball Coaches updated as to any changes in my medical profile, and understand that there shall not be liability on the coaches part should I forget to do so. I understand that I have enrolled in the SP Netball program offered through SP Netball and its’ coaches and affiliates. I recognise that the program may involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscles strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning and training, and other various fitness activities. I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any known disability or condition which would prevent or limit my participation in this exercise program. I acknowledge that my enrolment and subsequent participation is purely voluntary and in no way mandated by SP Netball and its Coaches and affiliates. In consideration of my participation in this program, I hereby release SP Netball and its coaching staff and affiliates from any claims, demands, and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation and enrolment of the provided SP Netball program. I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my enrolment and subsequent participation in this program and I hereby release SP Netball and it’s coaches and affiliates from any liability now or in the future for conditions that I obtain. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscles tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, injuries to knees, injuries to backs, injuries to foot, or any other illness or soreness that I may incur, including death.

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