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TryBooking is dedicated to providing our clients with ongoing value for the same low cost. We continue to provide timely updates to the platform. Here are just some of the new features added in the past 18 months. 

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Buy Tickets page

The Buy Tickets page is a hub for interested browsers and people searching for your event. Learn more.


Edit booking details

We've all had people forget or incorrectly enter data as they make bookings. Now you can easily update any incorrect information. Learn more.


Event Listing Page

List your events in one place with the Event Listing Page. Add branding, logos, social media feeds and images to create a vibrant page for patrons to visit and book multiple events.  Learn more.


Contact the event organiser

It's now easier for ticket buyers and event organisers to communicate with each other with this new tool.  Learn more.


TryBooking Scanning App

For iPhone or Android - making it easier to manage event attendees and scan tickets or check in on the day. Learn more.


Mobile responsive booking pages

Guests can now book for events from anywhere on-the-go and enjoy mobile responsive booking pages as well as a new look. Learn more. 


Embeddable widgets

Event organisers can now add a range of customisable and embeddable widgets to their website and kickstart the ticket purchasing process from there. Learn more. 


Clone events

Duplicate previous events without needing to build the event from scratch. Learn more.


Social media promotion tools and tracking

Add Facebook pixel and Google Analytics tracking to your event and learn more about your ticket buyers/work out ROI on Facebook advertising. Learn more.


Branding and styling updates

More options for adding your logos, styling and sponsors to any event. Learn more.


Communication tools

Event organisers can now easily contact their attendees with important updates before the event takes place using an email tool. Learn more.


Hand back tickets for free events

Reduce the no-show rate for free events. Guests can now hand back their tickets to free events if they are unable to attend. Learn more.


New reporting tools

A number of new reports have been added to help track mobile scanning of tickets on the day. Learn more.


Re-sort ticket and data collection fields

Easily adjust and re-sort your data collection fields and ticket types. Learn more.  


Basic access user

A new level of user access has been added to give different event stakeholders access to different areas of the account. Learn more. 

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