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Changing Daylight Savings Zones

If your event needs to operate in daylight savings time, please consider the folowin information, as you may need to modify your settings.

There are 2 settings in TryBooking that control when your event opens and closes according to your location. One controls the settings on your overall account and one is specific to only that event.

Overall Account Settings

From the dashboard please select Change Contact Details. If you change your Timezone, this will automatically ensure all events created from this point on will use this timezone setting. You will also have the ability select an alternative timezone at the time of creating your event.

Example: Winter time for NSW/VIC/TAS/ACT is GMT+10 so with daylight savings coming into effect, you will need to change this to GMT +11. For SA, please move your Timezone from GMT +9.5 to GMT +10.5.

Tip: Make a diary note, as we move back to Winter time, to swap this setting back.


For Events that are Already Created

If you have already set up your event, go to Manage Events on your Dashboard, select your event. From Session Times, you will able to adjust your timezone for this event which ensures it will open and close as you have published.

If you are in the NSW/VIC/TAS/ACT your daylight saving timezone is GMT+11 as indicated on the drop down as GMT +11 Daylight Savings. The daylight savings zone for SA is GMT + 10.5 as indicated by GMT+10.5 Daylight Savings Adelaide on your drop down list.


Checking your Event

If your event is not yet open for booking, the opening page will display the date and the timezone the event will open in.