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Data Collection Once per Booking

When creating data forms, it's important to consider the information that may apply to multiple people on a booking. This ensures that your form is easy and quick to complete, such as:

  • Dinners - There's a strong chance that everyone on that booking will want to be seated together. If this is the case, you may wish to ask once for that booking a series of data collection questions relating to seat placement i.e, 'Please seat me with', Year Level, Alumni Year, Table Captain Name etc.
  • Registrations - Emergency contact information, parent / gaurdian details, permission for photographs, acceptance of your organisation's code of conduct etc.
  • Conferences - Business name, main contact for the booking etc
  • Merchandise - Team name for pick up, parental contact etc.

Information such as the participant / attendee name is best handled via Attendee data collection. You can use both Once per Booking and Attendee information all within the one event. 

When adding data, the following fields are provided:

  • Label - The words that your patrons will see on booking that define what you'd like them to enter into this field
  • Manadatory - You can determine if this question must be completed or if you're happy for them to skip if not applicable (i.e. the case of special dietary requirements).
  • Field Type - Can be text, yes/no, a drop down list, or dates.
  • Field Name - Optional field, only needed when you will be flowing this information onto your ticket.

Check your work

A common mistake is that people put data collection under Attendee, where it is more beneficial to be added in Once per Booking to keep your form concise. Click on Make a Booking, selecting more than 1 ticket to confirm your data is forming correctly. 

TIP:  One per Booking data collection will appear at the top of any form, whereas Attendee information will appear under a ticket name as shown below.