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Producers Access

Giving some level of access to an event can empower a group to manage their own destiny.

You may be the person who has setup the event and has full control over the event but you wish for a small group of people to keep in touch with the progression of the bookings without needing to consult you. Producers access will be what you need.

Producers access allows:

  • An external group (parents, artist, interested party) to review booking levels
  • You to determine which reports are appropriate
  • Ensure privacy levels are maintained
  • Empowers the event organiser with convenience of 24/7 access
  • Provides read-only access to the reports you feel are appropriate

As you setup the event, you can determine who is given this special password and ID number and then what reports they can view with this login.


Setting up Producers Access

1.  Select your event (via manage events) and under options, producers access.

2.  Define a password.

3.  Select which reports are to be accessed and save.

4.  Pass this ID number and password to your external group. Note: The password you define should be unique.

Using Producers Access

From www.trybooking.com, via the Event Organisers Login box, enter the ID number into the email field and password into the password field. This now provides access to the allowed reports for that one event.


TIP:  Do not recycle events if you are using producers access.