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Networking your Computers

Multiple computers are connected to your server via a network cable or wireless / router arrangement. You do not require Internet access for the network or system to function when scanning.

1.  Install your software on the main computer only. We recommend you treat the server as a separate machine and avoid using it as a scanning point.

2.  Login as the Administrator (Gate), select Network from your menu items. If you need to connect more than one computer, please click into the box beside 'No' to change this setting to Yes. 

3.  Your screen will now deliver an IP address. Note the IP address on your server computer.


4.  Connect each computer to the server via a wireless or cabled network.

5.  Open the web browser on each scanning computer.

6.  Type the IP provided by the server software into the web browsers address bar. 

7.  This will provide you with a scanning screen on that new computer, ready to use. 

8.  Repeat this on each scanning point computer.

TIP:  If you do need to look up data on the server computer, we recommend you open another tab and connect to your data store via the same network arrangement as the scanning point computers.