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Introducing TryBooking to your Community

Having your community on-side is important when introducing a new concept. Feel free to recite all or some of the below to help you explain why TryBooking is safe and the benefits your organisation will gain from it.

About Trybooking.com

(Add Your Organisation Name) is utilising an automated ticketing sales and payment system for some fundraising activities and events. We will be using this system for all our events
(please list your events here), production tickets, seminars, tabled events, cocktail parties, registrations, major fundraisers, membership drives, appeals, donations and as a reply service
for Information Nights etc.

The Trybooking system is simple to use and holds many benefits for you, the customer, including:

  • The convenience to book and pay for your tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The ability to book your own seats from our online seating chart (optional for all events)
  • Instantly receive tickets and receipts, and print them at your convenience

There are also many benefits for us in using this system, such as:

  • No need to manage cash
  • Significant reduction of administration time and cost
  • No ticket printing or postage costs
  • Less staff administrating so our time is now focused on you and catering to you
  • Time saving – fewer enquiries - all information is available on the Homepage

The online booking system charges $0.30 (AUD) per book/ticket to the purchaser of the ticket, which is charged at the time of purchase. As payments will be made by credit card, we understand that the integrity of the site and its security features are important. 

The following is an excerpt from trybooking.com:

“Any personal information that may be used by the TryBooking Site in order to carry out its necessary functions is stored on a physically separate computer that is protected by Firewalls. The data itself is also encrypted to further reduce any risk that your information will be obtained and used by unauthorised access.  We do not store your full credit card number, only the four digits are kept and this is to show you which card you have used to make the booking."

For those of you that are technically minded, the payment site is a secure ‘https’ website.


If you have any questions about this or any of the above-mentioned events, please email us on info@trybooking.com.