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Scanning or Manual Check ins

You can scan tickets via the QR code or use the list of ticket holders to manually check attendees in by swiping left over their name. The TryBooking Scanning App can also check out attendees so that they can check in again at a later time.   

To start scanning tickets, from the bottom menu, select theScreen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.51.37 AM.png icon and tap yellow SCAN button which will activate your camera.

TryBooking Scanning App Start Scanning

Simply hover the phone over the QR code on the ticket. A successful read will display a green screen and a ping sound. There is no need to push a button in order to scan tickets.

TryBooking Scanning App Scan Success Message

A red screen and alarm sound indicate that this ticket has an issue. 

TryBooking Scanning App Error Message

The red screen text will indicate :

  • If the ticket has already been scanned, if so by which scanning point / person and how long ago.
  • That the ticket is for the wrong session (Day or event).
  • That it is the wrong ticket type based on a rule that you've applied.


Finding tickets

When a person arrives without their ticket or their ticket won't scan, it's easy to find their booking / ticket. Go to your list of ticket holders by clicking the Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.51.37 AM.png icon and search by their last name, which will filter the list. From here you can check the person in by swiping left over their name.  

TIP: If you are scanning tickets with the camera click the back < button to return to the list of ticket holders.

TryBooking Scanning App Search Guest By Surname

You may wish to validate the person further or review the booking. Click on the person's name from the search listing to reveal their phone, postcode, last 4 digits of their credit card, ticket numbers and all the tickets booked as part of the same booking.

TryBooking Scanning App View Guest Details

By tapping the circle next to the right of the person's name you will check in or check out that person or group. 


Manually check- in your guests

To begin checking your guests in, press the Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.51.37 AM.png icon on your menu bar to see the list of all your sold tickets. Ticket holders will be listed in alphabetical order by surname.

The display indicates your guest's first and last name, ticket number and status of their check in.

TIP:  This is the name of the person who made the booking. If they booked at the same time, multiple tickets, check carefully the ticket number to ensure you are selecting the right ticket.

Swipe the name to the right to check someone in.
Swipe the name to the left to check someone out.

TryBooking Scanning App Manually Check In Swipe Right Left


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