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Using Promotional Codes with no Dollar Discount

You can now use promotional codes without affecting your ticket price paid. Setup and use these for:

  • tracking your promotions /advertising dollar, or
  • an option to entice entry for a draw for a select group of patrons, or
  • for tracking purchases via an outlet.

The added benefit of this feature is that if you wanted to categorise those who are booking for your event, you are able to do so by issuing different promotional codes to certain groups of people or value processed via an outlet.

Your event can have an unlimited number of promotion codes. Setting up and managing Promotion / Discount codes can be found under Manage Events and by then clicking on your event name and then under Pricing Groups. Add a promotional code, giving it a name and distinct code and setting it's value to $0.

Various reports such as the Event Revenue Itemised or Export Data will assist you in tracking these sales.