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Refund a Booking in Full

1. From your account Dashboard, and under Bookings, select Refunds.

2. You will now need to find the booking to refund. To do this select the event name from the drop down list, enter the first three letters of the last name, then click Search.




3. With your booking search now complete, tick the box on the left hand side against the booking you wish to refund and click Next. This now opens up the booking in a new window so you can see the individual components.

4. You will need to add in the 'reason for the refund'. Please note, that the reason for refunding will appear on the confirmation emailed, sent to the customer on completion of the refund process.




You will note that all of the tickets within the booking are automatically selected for refunding and voiding. If you wish to refund the whole booking and place the tickets back on sale, you will be able to complete the refund process by clicking OK. Please make sure that you double check that the booking details are correct before you hit OK. Once you have pressed OK you will not be able to cancel the refund process.

All fully refunded bookings will no longer show on your reports.

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