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Adding DVD's and programs to your seated event.

We will work you through two alternate ways to setup merchandise as part of your concert ticket sales. When selecting seats, we need to keep this in sync with the number of tickets selected. Option 1 will allow you the greatest flexibility for multiple purchases and maintaining your merchandise items to be open for sale prior and after your concert ticket sales. Option 2 is simple and works well when you have limited merchandise options and where your merchandise options will open and close with concert ticket sales.

Option 1 - Setting merchandise items such as DVD's to be open prior or after your show tickets open or close.

These steps below allow you to add in DVD orders to your event being published to your audience, establishing one link that will be used to order both concert tickets and merchandise options. This option ensures you the greatest flexibilty on adding multiple merchandise items.

Step 1.  Create your event with all your session times for the show dates / times.

Step 2.  Go to Session times and Add a New Session time (which has a session date and time after your last show date/time). Save this new session time. Reminder – leave this session time closing date / time for another time after your show, so that people can come back later on and purchase late orders. Make sure to also let them know they can do this.


Step 3.  Open this new session time back up and move to the tab called Options. Tick the box and add in the words 'DVD Orders only'. People will see the following screen (pictured below) when clicking through on your event.



Step 4. We now need to setup a pricing group for the DVD orders. To setup a new pricing option, please click on Manage Events, Your Event, Pricing Groups and Add a New Pricing Group, calling it 'DVD orders'.

Step 5. Click on your 'DVD Orders Pricing group' and you will now need to add in your ticket prices for the DVD orders. You may add one price if there is only one choice for orders or if you have various shows on offer or products, please add in the number of ticket types required.




Step 6. We now need to create a new section without a seating plan for DVD orders. From Manage Events, Your Event, Sections, Add in a new section call it DVD orders and make sure you say it's a SPACE event with a high capacity. Click Save.




Step 7. It's now time to link your prices to the DVD date and close off some sections. Click on Manage Events, Your Event and Pricing Schema. Each date will have all sections but the bottom date are your merchandise items. Against each DVD Section, drop down the pricing group listing and select the DVD order pricing group.

Against the section (on your show session times) mark the status of the DVD orders to HIDDEN NOW. 




Against your Session time of your DVD (the last date) change the Status to HIDDEN on the Concert Tickets line as per below. 




Step 8. Check your work. Click on Make a booking and confirm that you have the setup you need so that people who select a concert ticket will see only the seating plan, and so that those who select the DVD option see no seating plan.


Option 2 - Setting up a combination ticket type.

If you have one merchandise option, you may wish to setup a combination type ticket ie Adult + DVD with the price being the combination of both items.