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Exporting and Importing Venue Templates

Seating plans can only be imported and exported from Venue Templates and not into the event directly. Your Venue Template must be in place prior to creating your event and is then importing into your event during the event set up. 

If you hire your venue to others and you wish for them to provide their own ticketing, you can ensure that they have the correct plan by exporting off your plan and sharing it with them.

Exporting a Venue Template

1.  Select Venue Templates in Configuration.

2.  Select the venue you wish to export.

3.  Click on Export Venue and save this file.

This file is a special type of file and can only be viewed or used via TryBooking.

Importing a Venue Template

1.  Select Configuration and Venue Templates

2.  Locate the words on this main page "To upload a venue template, click here."

3.  Click and upload your exported venue plan.

TIP:  As you have been provided with a seating plan, double check it's accuracy to ensure it meets you understanding of the venue or needs prior to using.