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How to Create a Basic Event

It's easy to get going with setting up the basics of your event. Before you start, make sure you have this information on hand:

  • Name, description and contact person.
  • Venue name and address.
  • Date of your event.
  • When you wish to open and close sales.
  • Ticket prices and how many people you can take.

This is enough to get you started and if you don't have enough information it's easy to update it at any stage. You can add additional dates, terms and conditions, early bird rates, data collection, limits and reserve seats.

So let's get started by following these steps.



1.  Create an account and then login. If you don't already have a TryBooking account, click on Create an Account.  If you have your account, please login.

2.  Before you commence, check you have all the basic details of your event on hand. If you need a seating plan (theatre style seating) and you plan to use the same venue again, it's preferable to set this up as a venue template which must be completed prior to create your event.  So just contact us and we can guide you on creating a fresh plan.

3.  Click on create an event which will guide you through, asking for the basics of your event.  You can modify, change or add to your event once it's created.  At the end of creating your event you will receive a unique URL. Please use this unique URL on social media, website, posters, emails, newsletters. It's you that we prefer them to remember, over sending people to TryBooking to search for your event. We have sample buttons that you can link to in order to increase the visability on your events and communication which you can use to introduce TryBooking to your community.

TIP:  Don't walk away or get distracted whilst creating your event to avoid being timed out and needing to start again.

4.   Great, your event is created and it's now time to add the finishing touches and following items. Your event will be found under Manage Events.

5.  Once you're finished, please click on Make a Booking to check your work. You only need to go as far as the shopping cart before exiting.

TIP:  Always take 2 tickets to double check your Data Collection questions are building correctly and are clear.

Well done, you're now ready to publish your event and good luck.